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  1. leenat40

    RMMV 2 Vampyrus Crimson

    On February 20th, rose the first Blood Moon, today marks it's return. 2 Vampyrus Crimson is a vastly enhanced version of the original 2 Vampyrus, featuring: 1. Over 80 new pages of Cutscenes. 2. Improved performance and visual quality. 3. New music. 4. Custom talking sound effects. 5. Bug...
  2. leenat40

    RMMV 2 Vampyrus (A spin-off of the Ulfar series)

    "Embrace the demons within" The Story 2 Vampyrus is a single player, story driven RPG taking place in a futuristic medieval kingdom of Endel. You play as Adrian, a man that has lost everything to war and vampirs. Through a chain of events Adrian realizes that in order to have his peace he...
  3. leenat40


    This version of "2: Vampyrus" is cancelled and will no longer represent the reworked "2 Vampyrus" in any way apart from the world and the characters. "It's never just black and white." ""It is the light of our Lord that will guide us to safety and happiness" Yet that light never came. It...
  4. leenat40

    RMMV Ulfar: Lost Kings

    WARNING: The game features blood, alcohol usage, bad language and hints of sex. If you are sensitive to those aspects I do not recommend playing. The Story "From the ash, we rise" Set 500 years before the events of Ulfar: Dreams, this game tells the brutal story of Sangath and how it...
  5. leenat40

    Looking for plot feedback!

    Hey there! I'm back with my next work! Of course, I won't be sharing it publicly, but I'm really interested in getting feedback of it's plot, so if you are interested in helping out write me a private message or write a comment here and I'll get in contact! Thanks!
  6. leenat40

    Best game concept out of these? (Poll)

    Anyone who can, please fill this quick poll!
  7. leenat40

    RMMV Ulfar: Lost Kings

    I am so happy to finally announce my next game in the Ulfar series: Ulfar: Lost Kings! The Story "From the ash, we rise" Set 500 years before the events of Ulfar: Dreams, this game tells the brutal story of Sangath and how it eventually fell and crumbled. You'll discover the story from the...
  8. leenat40

    Adding weight to cutscenes

    Just like it sounds like. How do you add weight to RPG Maker game cutscenes? Just a lot of pauses, maybe some sound effects or music? Static images?
  9. leenat40

    Final Fantasy 15 and your opinions on the updates

    First of all I'd like to say that FF 15 was the first FF experience I had. After that, I bought FF12, Type 0 and gonna buy FF10/10-2 In a few days. Thing is, I want to know your opinions on the way that Final Fantasy 15 added more important story trough free and paid updates (DLC). Do you like...
  10. leenat40

    Title Screen Artwork

    Hello! So basically the thing is, I'm terrible at art :kaoswt: And I really need an artwork for the Title screen (It will also be used in all promotional material). So if any of you could be willing to sacrifice your free time to help me with the artwork I would be super happy and credit YOU as...
  11. leenat40

    How does development process usually go for you?

    Hey guys! :kaoluv: Just wanted to chat for a bit about game dev. So usually, do you start a project/title/game development with a clear vision of said artpiece or just continue to improve, get new ideas change old ones and stuff like that? (Both story and gameplay) I personally go in having a...
  12. leenat40

    Looking for voice actors.

    Hello, let's make this clear: ALL YOUR WORK WOULD BE FREE. Now onto the request. First of all, I'd like to clarify a few things. 1. I have never before required voice actors, as my last games were made to avoid having voice actors. Not this time. This game is a lot more structured and focused...
  13. leenat40

    Emotion And Writing of games

    While I don't want to give away any information I am just interested... 1. How do you usually do character development and add emotional impact when something major happens to the said character? 2. Do you usually write out the full scripts with dialogue somewhere and then start implementing...
  14. leenat40

    Games that lie

    Possible spoilers for: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Hello everyone! Long time no see! But in that long time I have played lots of different games and got lots of ideas for the future. But the one idea, that continues to stick to me is: a Psychological Thriller that depend on the player...
  15. leenat40

    Shesez Sprite

    Hey there guys! How are you doing? As you may know... I am so terrible at everything art related... Point is, I would be really grateful and thankful if someone could make me the youtubers "Shezes" sprite for RPG MAKER MV. (I would really love to make a fan-game for him!) I don't really have a...
  16. leenat40

    A good psychological horror game.

    Hey guys! There's no reason for me to ask this... :kaoswt2: But what in your opinion makes a good psychological horror game? And also, what do you think is the best location for it? Out of these 4: 1. An old mansion 2. The protagonist mind 3. A small town 4. A mental Asylum Also, what are you...
  17. leenat40

    Time Travel/Parallel universes in stories

    Alright... What do you think of time travel as a whole in a story? Do you think it's poop, good, amazing, balanced? Because right now, the only way I can make sense of my story, is with these so called "time cracks". And because of them the things like time loops, time holes, place gaps and...
  18. leenat40

    RMMV *Ulfar: Dreams*

    This whole project was something new and amazing for me to undertake and I really hope that you guys will enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed making it! World The story takes place in "The Alliance". Thousands of years before, our civilization still existed, but the war to end humanity was just...
  19. leenat40

    Character bust

    Hello guys! If anyone of you could (or can), could you please make me a character bust based on the face and the character sprite? Sadly, I could not pay you, but could credit you in the game itself. If anyone could do it, you would be a big help. (and yes, I need that exact facial expression)
  20. leenat40

    Multiple endings, only one of them is cannon?

    Hello again! Right now, I am debating if I should include multiple endings to my game, even though only one of them is the cannon ending. I understand, that it would add replayablity, but I am also scared, that the player playing it first time, get's an ending that's not cannon and assumes it...

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