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  1. Robin

    Standard skills that become new skills, under certain conditions

    When a particular state is on the target or user (which would vary for different skills), a skill should become a new skill with a new name and formula. Example A 1) The enemy has the Bleeding state 2) You select the Poison skill 3) The Poison skill becomes a unique skill called Snakebite...
  2. Robin


    Valiance   Valiance is a fantasy adventure RPG that tells the story of the investigation of a mysterious crystalline substance by two members of the storied Escors military force. Academy student Freyja and, ex-soldier of fortune, Alexius are investigating a hex that has covered the nearby town...
  3. Robin

    Solutions for the Small World Problem

    As I see it, the small world problem is the observation that RPGs often have small worlds with few towns and cities. This results in countries essentially being city-states. Now, here's my issue. In trying to counter this, I've made an effort to create, in the lore of the world for Valiance...
  4. Robin


    Hey, "I'm Robin, I'm a 19 22 year old Psychology underpostgrad from England." Who needs to write a new introduction? The more things change... Anyway, I'm working on Valiance. Hopefully that will be completed. I'm feeling good about it right about now, but before it's done I'll have...

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tfw, I found one of my skill ability in my game is not worth picking and had to plan to buff it. But my players seemed to use it without complaining. Now, idk if I should buff it or leave it as is.
I have recently discovered a Limit breaker for RPGmaker VXA, needless to say this changes everything.also I really like the changes this website has made.
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