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  1. Bex

    HELP Since today i have trouble finding the rpgmakermv scriptcall list. it was always first on the google/bing search, not anymore? or only on my end?

    Actualy i cant find it anymore. Iam very confused, without it i am worthless because its like big part of engine would miss =), i dont have that info anywhere written down.
  2. Bex

    Bug in BS Playtest with Skill Type

    I just stumbled upon this: I get shown the Magic Option twice in Database Battle Test. I added Skill Type Magic to my Hero, but the class he got at the moment also got Skilltype Magic, now i get shown the same Magic Skilltype twice in my battle choices. Iam using RMMV Version 1.62, the Project...
  3. Bex

    Tiny MV (RTP) Sprite Error !Other1

    Its nothing serious, but i thought i mention it. Charset !Other1 2nd Row 2nd Column the Footsteps Sprite, the directions are wrong placed. I stumbled upon it after wondering for one hour why the Footprint Mechanic keeps mocking me =). Than i noticed the Error in the Sprite set.
  4. Bex

    Select Item Description - Scripter needed?

    I would like to have the Item description shown in the Eventcommand Menu "Select Item". In the following Thread a Solution is posted, but something is missing. The Description Window...
  5. Bex

    Event Trigger not Working! Seriously i also didnt believed it at first

    Here is the Link to the Steam Thread which Points to this Bug, i tested it and its True: Reproduce: Event with Trigger Event Touch and a Hello World Textbox. Autonomous Moveroute Set to Move at Random 1x...
  6. Bex

    Resolution 960x720 Not Working, Help please!

    I changed the Resolution of rpg maker mv to 960x720 and when the map scrolls i get shown half of a Tile on the X Axis. The Y Axis Scrolls without problems. I wanted to increase the maptiles from 17x13 to 20x15 like it was in RMXP. Iam very confused why this seemingly correct resolution produces...
  7. Bex

    VX-Ace Framedrop in New and Old Projects

    This is so strange: The only active programm on my pc is steam and rpgmaker. In all my projects even in total new empty ones with only a map, i have a frame drop to 59 while running around normal sized map 20x20. In all that years i had always stable 60 only if the system was realy loaded it...
  8. Bex

    What does the Luck state do?

    Iam just wondering about the luck state. More crit hits? more dmg? what does it do? i remember i read that something was coded in the scripts but i cant remember what it was what luck does in rpgmaker.
  9. Bex

    Who made the ACE RTP? Creator Names?

    Kadokawa made it as far as i know, but thats just the Company, what are the Names of the Creators of the RTP specialy Charsets and Tilesets? Normaly i didnt wanted to spoiler my Idea, but the Gods in my Game shall have there Name. (maybe :))
  10. Bex

    Team submissions allowed?

    Are Team submissions allowed? Teamwork is also worth learning? :)
  11. Bex

    Game Jam - Panty Grandpa

    Hi today i just made my first playable Version of a Pacman like game with rpg maker. Its not total finished but its ready for early testing. I would like some feedback if its fun and your Opinions in general. Is the Ghost AI ok? Sometimes it looks stupid but they realy corner one in and...
  12. Bex

    How many Teleport Events do u use on a Map?

    How many Teleport events do you use on a Map? Whats the Max number you came to use in your big maps or towns? Maybe you can help me gather this Information. Edit: Thanks for your answers. I asked because i found myself changing the Teleports very often while Maping last Days...
  13. Bex

    Item Description while Key Item Selection

    Google and Forum search didnt gave me a Script or Script snippet to have this. In the standard Menu the description text is shown, i would like the description text also while selecting an key Item. And the Text changing when switching betwen the possible Items. Can someone help?
  14. Bex

    GG Maker back in Store

    A Month ago i read that GG Maker was taken off this Side, now i see the Comercial Banner in Store Slideshow again. Thought i report it in case its not noticed.
  15. Bex

    Where to change the resolution?

    Iam testing the MVDemo and i didnt saw any option to change the resolution, so you see more or less maptiles on the screen. Or is this excluded from the Demo?
  16. Bex

    What is the smalest possible MB size for MV Projects?

    I made a Project, cleared the Databse  and clicked the button to make a standalone game and marking exclude unused resources. Now MV Project is still over 100MB. Than i also deleted all the Resource Manager entrys in Editor,. Now my MV Project got around 80MB Is this the smalest size...
  17. Bex

    Help my MV Demo is in the wrong language

    Today i installed the MV Demo and used English as instalation language, now i open up a Project and the whole Editor is in German. Iam total used to the English  Eventcommand Words and the german ones destroy my workflow and distract me. Also i dont like how many of the Commands Words are...
  18. Bex

    Help i cant Download the Demo

    Today i decidet to Test the MV Demo. I clicked it entered my name and email and saw that it is 1GB. I thought NO,  i want to play not to wait 2 hours, so i decidet to Download the Demo later and to Play Planetside2 now. Now i tried to Download the Demo but it says i have allready signed in...
  19. Bex

    Is MV from Japanese Enterbrain?

    Iam just curious is MV from Japanese Enterbrain like rpg maker vx-ace? Or is it a own Project of Degica here in the West that got also released in Japan and just got the OK from Japanese Enterbrain?
  20. Bex

    I cant make Editor Screenshots! Win10?

    Today i wanted to help someone in the Forum and show em a Screenshot of the Eventcode. Than i recogniced that when i use the print button this happens: Is this common ? How to solve ? Edit: This is VX-Ace.

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