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  1. Labyrinthine

    Can a "Certain Hit" skill be counter attacked?

    I have an enemy move which reduces actor's HP to 1. The problem is that this can be counter attacked. Would it be possible to create a skill that would reduce the HP to 1, in a way that it would not be possible to counter attack it? Otherwise my counter attacking team member could reduce the HP...
  2. Labyrinthine

    Marketing if you have a publisher

    Who's responsibility it is to market your game if you have a publisher who gets a share of your product? Yours or the publishers? One of my publishers promised to sell several hundreds of my game, but in the site it sold less than 10 because the publisher did nothing to market the game despite...
  3. Labyrinthine

    Sound Effects (BGS) won't work

    None of my background sound files work when they're set in the map properties "auto-play BGS." It seems to play the effect a fraction of a second once the player enters the map, but then it's silence. I checked the transition events and they're fine. BGM files work normally. All my sound files...
  4. Labyrinthine

    About Steam Key Offerings

    Can I send free Steam Keys of my own released games to the community members here? I was thinking of creating another thread about it where I could hand some keys over to the people who might ask it via PM.
  5. Labyrinthine

    RMMV The End of Labyronia - Nerubis

    The final chapter ending the Labyronia saga consisting of 3 main series games: "The World of Labyrinths - Labyronia" "Labyronia Elements" "The End of Labyronia - Nerubis" NERUBIS Labyronia paid a fatal price to end the demonic corruption. Along with a new intolerant ruler, the maze-covered...
  6. Labyrinthine

    How should I advertise my game

    My main project game (edit: Labyronia Elements) has gotten good reviews from people who've played it through (the few of them). However, it won't sell. It's like the quality of the game had nothing to do with the sales, unless we were talking about some over hyped AAA title. Then again, would...
  7. Labyrinthine

    The World of Labyrinths: Labyronia

    About this game Thousands of years have passed since the apocalyptic Second War. It was fought between the alliance of humanity and monsters. Ages later, the Four Elemental Gods rose to power and created a magical, spiral-shaped jewelry known as the Pendant of Labyronia. With its immense might...
  8. Labyrinthine

    Unidentified Random Error

    This has happened 2 times in the playthrough of my current project. The game just crashes and this is what it says: Script 'sprite_character' line 190: NoMethodError occured undefined method 'x=' nil:NilClass. Apparently, it's got something to do with the balloon icons? Since I'm no scripter...
  9. Labyrinthine

    RMVXA The World of Labyrinths: Labyronia

    This game has been completed and I created a new thread in the commercial games section.
  10. Labyrinthine

    Conditional Branch: Armor NOT Equipped

    It's easy to check whether the player has a certain armor equipped with a conditional branch. However, I would need to know how to set it to check whether the player is not equipping a specific armor/ item/ weapon. Like: Conditional branch: Plate Mail is not equipped, would produce a different...
  11. Labyrinthine

    Confess Skill?

    I'm trying to create a skill called "Confess" which in effect would make the enemy say something every time the skill is used. Different enemies should of course say different things. How would I start doing this? I've been trying different stuff with the troop events and common events, but...
  12. Labyrinthine

    Jet's Dynamic Face Changing Trouble

    I'm using Jet's dynamic face changing script, which should change the character's face if he takes enough damage or when a state such as poison is applied. At first, it should change the face a bit once the character's HP is under 65%. However, instead of changing the face to the image I...
  13. Labyrinthine

    States Expire in a Set Time

    Would it be possible to make the states expire after a certain amount of time has passed? For example if I were to apply a poison to the enemy, the state would expire in 20 seconds. Or if I were to use the Guard command, the character would be guarding 10 seconds, and then the state would...
  14. Labyrinthine

    MOG's ATB System Regen Trouble

    I'm using Mog's Active Time Battle system (ATB system and meters), which can be found from the Atelier Rgss Demo: The problem is that I have no idea how to set any damage over time or regeneration system to work. For example, if I have a piece...
  15. Labyrinthine

    Conditional Branch: Weapon Type

    With the engine, it's possible to set a conditional branch in this way: Actor1/Conditional Branch: "Weapon Greatsword of Ely" equipped. However, this is not what I would need. I would need the conditional branch to work based on a weapon type, instead of a single weapon. To explain this, it...
  16. Labyrinthine

    Quick Weapon Equip

    I would need some easy way to switch between the equipped weapons. In my game, weapons have a very large role and switching them through the menu can get tedious. Is there any script that would allow the player to equip a new weapon just by pressing some button? An ideal system would be one...
  17. Labyrinthine

    Victory window Up Left

    I would like to move my victory window which appears after battles showing all the gold/ exp etc. collected to the upper left of the screen. I would also need the window to be transparent, and possibly change the text color for it. Can anyone help me on this one?
  18. Labyrinthine

    Tips For a Dungeon Crawler?

    I'm trying to do my very first dungeon crawler game. It would be nice to hear some tips from the crawler-veterans of what to do, and what to avoid in the process. At this point, the only thing I've definitely decided is to keep the story as simple as possible. Here's some info about my project...
  19. Labyrinthine

    RMVXA Labyronia Tales: Arres

    This game has been cancelled.
  20. Labyrinthine

    RMMV Labyronia Tales: Solthan

    Introduction In the Great Sundering, the world of Labyronia was split into five independent parts: Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Spirit. After some time had passed, each one of these elemental planets started declining. Solthan is the center of the elven population in Nuterra, the world of...

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