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  1. Vanitas

    Store actor position in a variable (and more!)

    There's two links in the post - first one is the one covering RTAB, second one is a scope fix.
  2. Vanitas

    Store actor position in a variable (and more!)

    Sorry for the delay. Pastebin wouldn't accept it and neither would the site, so here's a dropbox link for it and the fix for multi-target, but I don't think that will be involved:
  3. Vanitas

    Store actor position in a variable (and more!)

    The index variable returning zero is fine, thankfully... In regards to the script, part of the reason I wanted it to be event code was for the skill to deal exactly enough damage to drop the party to 1HP. I couldn't get your snippet to work correctly, though its almost 100% a settings issues...
  4. Vanitas

    Store actor position in a variable (and more!)

    I'm getting argument errors with it. I just also tried changing the [3] to [2], as I thought maybe it was because its trying to get the actor in position [3] when the game only has a 3-person party, but I got the same error. I have one script that involves party switching, but I tried putting...
  5. Vanitas

    Store actor position in a variable (and more!)

    Nope, not in XP, its not part of its variable functions. I'd prefer not to be using it but its an update to an old project rather than a fresh one. Hm, not having any luck. I am probably using the wrong method of assigning the data to the variable though, because XP doesn't have Script option...
  6. Vanitas

    Store actor position in a variable (and more!)

    Ahoy hoy, So my primary query is how to get an actor's position in the battle party and store it in a variable. There's a lovely limitation on both Force Action and Deal Battle Damage that it can only be applied based on position, rather than specific party members. I've tried using this but...
  7. Vanitas

    RMMZ Self Variables Inside Spawned Events

    If you're using VS's Event Manager, you can't interact with the Self-Variables via normal variable processing, you need to use Plugin Commands. You'll need to be running background checks to assess how many trash cans are spawned, and you can use Javascript to get things like last/first spawn...
  8. Vanitas

    Passive Skills

    Right click > Save Link As... will download it as a .js file. In other news, this works great. The only query I have is potentially changing the SE when you equip a passive from the 'Cursor' to 'Equip'? Merely nitpicky really, but it looks like the code is obfuscated so making the change myself...
  9. Vanitas

    New MV sci-fi fantasy tileset

    I feel like I'm alone in this, but honestly I love pure hi-tech fantastical sci-fi, edging on cyberpunk/biopunk/whatever. I use your Futuristic Tiles for VX/A a LOT, so I did vote for the sci-fi specific option. In terms of specific ideas, transport? Always feel like that category is lacking...
  10. Vanitas

    RPG Maker MV v1.3.4 Update

    On a general note, guys, speculation helps nobody. There was no mention of a 'new' RM by the staff. If it's not said by staff, it's heresay. If you look at the release dates of RM engines, it's usually 2-3 years between each iteration, and its likely it will be longer than that for MV because...
  11. Vanitas

    indeed! seems i'm stuck as vanitas, but I can live with that... and for the record, i would like...

    indeed! seems i'm stuck as vanitas, but I can live with that... and for the record, i would like to clarify I know what RM means. real men.
  12. Vanitas

    what's a rm

    what's a rm
  13. Vanitas

    Maru's MV Bits

    COUCHES! CHAIRS oh my god i was literally having a meltdown over the RTP's lack of them on Twitter the other day, thank goodness for you, Maru. You're a life saver, and your tiles are always of such fantastic quality. Thank you so much.
  14. Vanitas

    Gear Progression and Weapon Proficiency

    In terms of functionality, doing this is entirely possible within Ace, at least on a basic level. However, it would require a bit of rebalancing-- for each weapon to remain useful you'd have to change up the formulas used for damage dealing, and make changes to your character's ATK ramp. As it...
  15. Vanitas

    Game Making Drive July 2013

    I'll actually do it this month, I need a bit of a butt-kick to keep me in gear. DAYS:  Everyday TIMES: 8:30 - 12pm MY TIME ZONE: GMT+10 PREFERRED TEAM: Any, not fussed.
  16. Vanitas

    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    Everybody loves a good flashback, right? Since I don't have the luxury of zoom and don't feel like making giant sprites for up-close-and-personal crap, I used the black overlay to focus the scene. Probably won't look exactly the same in RM since GIMP has some insane layer modes and I think the...
  17. Vanitas

    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    Yep, I did the portrait. He blinks while he's waiting for your answer, too. The background is from a Type Moon game iirc. The boxes are part of the windowskin's decor so it's not just flat grey; it'll be incorporated into the choice boxes and menus as well. The choices seen here are from the...
  18. Vanitas

    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    visual novellllsssss
  19. Vanitas

    Pixel Madness 2013

    I do ;^;
  20. Vanitas

    No healer! What is this madness?!

    The last game I released only had two classes, which was a Tank/Fighter and a Glass Cannon. Both had permanent HP regen of 10%, and healing was done with items, but if you were careful during battles and defended with the Cannon (who restored MP by defending- the Tank/Fighter had no MP skills...

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