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  1. BrandyMoon

    Is there an easy way to combine your parties HP?

    Yes, it's handled with common events. There are attack phases that call different Modules (Common Events) such as one's that deal damage to the player subtracting the built-in HP. I just need some way to represent an entire party's HP with a single Actor (The one the Plugin uses for the HP bar).
  2. BrandyMoon

    Is there an easy way to combine your parties HP?

    I feel that could lead to a bad counterproductive loop? Like this has to be checked occasionally, so if it's setting Actor hp from the variable, later on the control variable will use that -altered HP- which wouldn't work as intended. It'd be increasing constantly, unless I'm wrong. It needs to...
  3. BrandyMoon

    Is there an easy way to combine your parties HP?

    I'm trying to setup my game so that HP is shared and combined throughout the party. The battle system is on-map, not using the built in battle scenes of RPG maker MV and I use MogHunter's Actor HUD to show the HP bar. I'd like every party members health to be counted (So if you have 4 members...
  4. BrandyMoon

    RMMV How to write conditions in Super Tools Engine?

    Is "x" switch true or is said switch false. Simple as that. For variables just "Is this variable = x?" I tried just inputting $gameSwitches.value(X), $gameSwitches.value(X) = true $gameSwitches.value(X) == true $gameSwitches.value(X) == true; $gameSwitches.value(X) == 1 Where X was replaced...
  5. BrandyMoon

    RMMV How to write conditions in Super Tools Engine?

    Hey, I'm trying to make conditional elements in SumRndmDde's plugin 'Super Tools' but I keep getting the syntax wrong. I only want to show elements when a check on certain variables or switches returns true. What's the right syntax for this plugin to ask a condition proper?
  6. BrandyMoon

    My Danny Phantom Sprites!

    Oh sweet! Be something exciting to see.
  7. BrandyMoon

    My Danny Phantom Sprites!

    Oh I see. I haven't used GG for over a decade now? I remember in my earliest game maker games I'd use it to try to draw my own character animations like centaurs and monstrous porcupines, don't even remember if layering was utilized or not. It's been so long. But good work nonetheless! You can...
  8. BrandyMoon

    Cast of October 8 Tallsprites [MV]

    Here are some of the lanky sprites from my WIP game October 8, featuring the cast! -Minerva in her Pier Armor -Maid Cookie -Cookie's mom -Princess Cookie -Leslie -Zoey -Rebecca -Adele -Nel -Tulip -Jessica -Cookie Feel free to reuse them at your leisure if you're able to in your projects. If...
  9. BrandyMoon

    My Danny Phantom Sprites!

    Do you use photoshop? You can use layering to do the two seperate animations and than copy paste the individual frames, and then use clipping layers to cut off the parts behind the closing gates!
  10. BrandyMoon

    RMVXA HorrorVale - The SPOOKY Halloween Themed RPG [DEMO]

    This looks graphically beautiful. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for Halloween settings. I'm going to play this over the weekend and I'll give the demo my review :ywink:
  11. BrandyMoon

    My Danny Phantom Sprites!

    Thanks, I appreciate it! The portal sprites are particularly useful.
  12. BrandyMoon

    Grid Inventory - PoE/Diablo-like

    Wow! Pretty slick inventory system!
  13. BrandyMoon

    RMMV October 8

    October 8 is a game about a group of girls who play a game on Halloween and the wide-spanning consequences, plot and changes that brings. It's primary transformation content is Costume based changes and later reality warping/mind control and various metamorphosis kinks. It's meant to be a...
  14. BrandyMoon

    How do you organize dialogue when writing?

    I usually keep it all in a single event, and just copy it over when the time has come to use long after I've stored and written it. In the past I used to use word docs but that proved kind of cumbersome due to the textbox limits cutting off my messages frequently.
  15. BrandyMoon

    Airship and Seafaring ship [MZ] [MV]

    MV does have some leeway to be flexible with that, atleast. Anyway looking forward to how it goes! I'd really love to see some background tiles made similar to this, the idea of steampunky air ship and sea port tiles I'm sure alot would really appreciate if you did!
  16. BrandyMoon

    George Carlin Graphics

    This might be the single most important site resource in the entire history of the site. RIP Carlin, we all miss you buddy.
  17. BrandyMoon

    Amysaurus' Sprites!

    The catapult sprite is so cool!
  18. BrandyMoon

    GrandmaDeb's Modern Exterior Tiles

    Very helpful overall! These are probably the most causal modern sprites I've seen to date. The decor gardening is pretty pleasant to look at.
  19. BrandyMoon

    Steampunk Tiles

    Does anyone know how to use the stairs/railing tiles that go sideways without much issue?
  20. BrandyMoon

    My Danny Phantom Sprites!

    Adorable! Sam might be my favorite out of the bunch. Are you okay if I use any of these in my game project?

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