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  1. ObnoxiousOboe

    Make looping BGM - Part 1 (OGG Vorbis)

    So do you want me to make three loop labels? I still don't know exactly what you want me to do.
  2. ObnoxiousOboe

    Make looping BGM - Part 1 (OGG Vorbis)

    Huh? Be a little more specific, djDark. I just need a little more demonstration on what you want me to do.
  3. ObnoxiousOboe

    Make looping BGM - Part 1 (OGG Vorbis)

    Yes. The metadata tags were fine. Maybe it was because I exported the selection instead of exporting the file? But doing the latter got the whole song regardless. I don't want the whole song, I just want to hear the beginning of the song in RPG Maker/Pokemon Essentials when I get into a trainer...
  4. ObnoxiousOboe

    Make looping BGM - Part 1 (OGG Vorbis)

    Ummm....yes. How is my post rocket science? I don't think it was incomprehensible. Anyway, that's what I am talking about. I need to be able to loop the section of the battle music AS WELL AS have the music start at the beginning. That was all in English.
  5. ObnoxiousOboe

    Make looping BGM - Part 1 (OGG Vorbis)

    How about battle music? I just started making a Pokemon Essentials game but I would like to have all the OST tracks looping consistently like in the original Pokemon games. I just experimented with the Trainer Battle music and I've tried what you said, Ryan, and it just goes from the Loop Start...

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