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  1. Digi Arn

    February Goals and Progress Thread

    Holy jeez, I guess I forgot February only has 28 days, guess I just lost 2 days to work on my goals LOL... I laid down some serious ground work on my One Map Game Challenge project. I'm trying to finish the game in 1 month and right now, it's looking like it could happen! When I say finish, I...
  2. Digi Arn

    February Goals and Progress Thread

    I decided to work myself pretty hard on my goals this month, but hey, it's been like 0 degrees Fahrenheit (that's about -17 for you Celsius folks) and I just ain't going outside. Goal 1. This is a lofty goal, I started the one month game challenge, and I intend to finish it, all in one month...
  3. Digi Arn

    2 outcomes 1 event

    Thank you everyone for your responses, I'm going to try some things out, look through all the suggestions, and try some things out again and see if I can't figure it out. Thanks again!
  4. Digi Arn

    2 outcomes 1 event

    Does anyone know if it is possible to have one event react two different ways, like If I wanted a negative effect if the event ran into you, but say if you pushed the ok button to interact with said even it would give you an opportunity for a choice or some other action?
  5. Digi Arn

    Event One Map Game Challenge

    Just started working on my game again after a few months and am totally going to do this challenge. I'm going to start doing this and add it to my February goals, coming of a RPG making break it will help me get some of the rust off. Also, I think finishing this game and polishing the beginning...
  6. Digi Arn

    Mapping Workshop (Closed)

    Rabosion, thank you a million for the maps, they look great and I really appreciate you taking your time to do this for me.
  7. Digi Arn

    Title Screens by Ariel - [Not Taking Requests]

    Image size 1152 x 648 Name of the Game Fractures of Destiny Do you want the name to be part of the picture? I would like it separate, however if possible I would like it made with a title in mind so that I can have the title fade onto the title screen. Describe the mood, theme & emotions of the...
  8. Digi Arn

    Not so new.

    Thank you for the warm re-welcomes. <--- I really like that word...
  9. Digi Arn

    Realistic Budgets

    I'm always wary of buying assets, last time I spent money I also never finished the game that I was working on... I think the next time around I will be waiting till I'm holding a finished game before adding to much sugar on top.
  10. Digi Arn

    RMMV Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    I'm defiantly following this games development, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your choice of art style.
  11. Digi Arn

    Party EXP vs Individual EXP

    I personally like party shared exp for the reason that I might like to change my party without having to go back and 'grind' exp. I would say it really depends on how much difference a few levels can make, or how long you are planning on players leaving characters out.
  12. Digi Arn

    How Do You Make Caves Interesting?

    I always feel like caves are good places for interesting monsters, tough boss fights, and puzzles... also for puzzles.
  13. Digi Arn

    RMMV Precognition

    Wow, your game looks very good, from first glance I have to say the atmosphere has drawn me in. I'm going to download the demo and check it out!
  14. Digi Arn

    Not so new.

    Hello RPG Maker community, I'm not exactly new around here as much as newly returned and as I never introduced myself the first time aroud I figured this would be a good time to do it. I have been working with RPG maker for about 6 or 7 years. I started with VX ace and am now currently working...
  15. Digi Arn

    As long as it is not the same gimmick!

    As long as it is not the same gimmick!
  16. Digi Arn

    Your opinions on a "Darkest Dungeon" type of game?

    I just got the game yesterday, it seems fun so far but i hear it gets very difficult. I don't mind torturing myself once and a while with games like FTL so I figured that giving it a try wouldn't be so bad. So far I enjoy the randomness of the encounters.
  17. Digi Arn

    Future of RMMV

    Amazing to hear, Im excited to see that you are working so closely with the community.
  18. Digi Arn

    Mapping Workshop (Closed)

    @Rabosion Awesome, I appreciate it! I cant wait to see what you come up with. I am ok with parthe maps being parallax, I have not previously worked with it, I have looked into it a bit and am pretty sure I can pull it off. RTP it is! and I guess I sghould do some searching as to what format I...
  19. Digi Arn

    Mapping Workshop (Closed)

    I hope you enjoy your hiatus. Your maps look really great! I would love to use one in my game. 1) Engine - MV 2) Size / What kind of Map- This large cave system is to be the initial dungeon experience in my game Fractures of Destiny, the cavern is an subterranean cave under a large river. the...
  20. Digi Arn

    or when they call me fat... just because I'm an American..

    or when they call me fat... just because I'm an American..

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