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  1. Phototoxin

    Some Newbie Questions! (Help Appreciated!)

    Thanks for the heads up about Pokémon. I will try tinkering away with XP and see how far I get!
  2. Phototoxin

    Some Newbie Questions! (Help Appreciated!)

    That's been really helpful, thank you :-)
  3. Phototoxin

    Some Newbie Questions! (Help Appreciated!)

    Hi, I got RPG Maker XP on Steam - partially due to the Pokémon RPG support available. However I've decided to look into making my own small game to learn some scripting skills & general game making knowledge. (I used to do a bit of NWN1/2 stuff back in the days of yore) My main issue at the...

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imgur links are back!
now I CAN keep getting away with NOT replacing them with updated renders!
I forgot RPG Maker even existed. Such good memories. Might boot up steam and download MV one more time
10 pieces of KFC chicken for US$12.30, delivery included. Cheap or expensive? :aswt:
Ugh-I HATE this! There's construction going on in my area and because of that my Internet connection is wonky; this site in particular keeps constantly freezing up on me; I can't even barely type a single sentence without the page freezing in the middle of it! I hope this changes soon.
Yeah, it’s cool to have friends that hang out, but get you a friend that goes grocery shopping together too.

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