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  1. epicfoxlover

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    Of course, pm me the discord link.
  2. epicfoxlover

    Hey Sauteed

    Hey Sauteed
  3. epicfoxlover

    Composer, Music Producer, Soung Designer.

    Composer, Music Producer, Soung Designer.
  4. epicfoxlover

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    I'm a music composer, sound designer and producer. I can do mixing and mastering too. Some of my works:
  5. epicfoxlover

    FREE Looking for a team of developers for a relatively short action RPG

    I'm a music composer if you need help with it
  6. epicfoxlover

    FREE Veyrra (a Sci-fi Fantasy RPG)

    I am a music composer interested on this project if you want one more composer.

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