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  1. NCTheory

    Khas Awesome Light Effects

    So, there was mention of making Surface UZ to false, within the script that is, but where? The only one I see is Surface_UE : True. I'm trying to get the light effect to stop once transferring to a new map.
  2. NCTheory

    Combat Systen Help

    And that's it. See, I set ID 1 to: -- Magic --, which I do to keep things organized. The last ID of the ones I've edited is Attack. I'll fix that and see what comes! Update: So I change it to skill one and it works. I can't believe how incredibly specific that is. Wow. Well, thank you everyone...
  3. NCTheory

    Combat Systen Help

    This is the generic Attack Skill. Default from other projects, and shows up first in the Skill list when starting a new project. Obviously I had deleted all of the skills and began to replace them with my own. After doing a few of these things with Skills, Weapons, and Classes, I trailed off to...
  4. NCTheory

    Combat Systen Help

    Sorry, I recognize the pictures are a little edgy, due to it being taken from my iPod. I use two laptops, and all of my media software is on the Mac, whereas the program is on my Windows based LT. Hence easier just doing that. Anywho, it happens the same with Slimes. It's the weirdest thing...
  5. NCTheory

    Combat Systen Help

    I did not screen shot the Attack Skill as I copy and pasted the Default Project Attack Skill setting over to my game. It has all of the same settings you see in the default for Attack in Skill.
  6. NCTheory

    Combat Systen Help

    To respond to the first one, yes, I've got that added to my skills. I'm sure this is all quite simple, but I'm not seeing it. The issue really isn't with applying damage with weapons, et cetera, although I'd be curious to find out how to remove the Normal Attack option with using a weapon, but...
  7. NCTheory

    Combat Systen Help

    Greetings, and I'd like to start by apologizing if this has been asked and answered before, but I did a light search and haven't found anyone else with this issue. If there is one, just link me to it. I've just downloaded the trial, with intentions of buying if I can work it right. I'm new to...

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