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  1. RMMV Change how default movement works?

    This would help with movement, but the collision is my worry PVG uses 2.5D assets so its 80% on an angle. So using the region restrictions makes the maps "Jagged" but thanks though QPlugin looks super complex so If I can't figure it out I'll resort to something like this
  2. RMMV Change how default movement works?

    one of the few lol His work is beautiful its just so damn hard to implement. Thanks I'll dig through these today
  3. SRPG Engine MV - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    Since its kinda point and click that makes sense. my mind thinks in D&D terms 90% of the time so I was trying to emulate the movement/ Combat in that sense. I'll just have to make my maps smart when building battle maps
  4. RMMV Change how default movement works?

    Hey just wondering if anyone knows of a plugin that lets you replace the up down left right with a Diagonal version of them? I'm using PV Games 2.5D assets and want to make a tactics game however all the plugins only offer the traditional 4 way movement
  5. SRPG Engine MV - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    Hey Back after....a long Quarintine, Just wondering if I have a Diagonal Movement plugin if it will work with this plugin. I'm using a 2.5D looking Asset from PV games and a lot of his modular pieces are diagonal.
  6. SRPG Engine MV - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    No worries only asked as I have all of PVgames 2.5d assets, and all of the modular pieces are diagonal based (whole 2.5d part) I was thinking about the diagonal movement more on the lines with FF tactics and other isometric ish turn based games like shadowrun etc.
  7. SRPG Engine MV - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    Just Checking Back in there isn't a diagonal implementation in this yet is there?
  8. SRPG Engine MV - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    Is diagonal movement a future plan I'm cool with changing some addons etc. If it can be possible it would be amazing I plan on parralaxing with PV games modular building and the whole set is diagonal
  9. SRPG Engine MV - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    Wondering if anyone can help me, I am revamping my project going from rtp chibi to pV games assets. And I want to bring this plugin along for the ride but some things have me wondering. How does this support taller sprites. Can the character move diagonal. Is there a way to only make them move...
  10. Looking for Diagonal movement only plugin

    Wondering if there is a plugin that replaces up,down,left right. with their diagonal counter parts. No regular movement what so ever? I have a bunch of 2.5D resources and I would like to alter the movement.
  11. SRPG Engine MV - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    Question I was wondering if there was a way to do this. Example: I made an enemy Rat, now I would like my rats to get boosts +1 atk if they are within 5ft of another Rat. Think D&D 5e pack tactics, where as long as a creature is within range to an ally they get a automatic buff called...
  12. Tactics System

    Ok this look fantastic and I want to try to work around it but I have 2 questions...Is this compatible with Yanfly's Doodads and Region restrictions and 2nd does this work with 2 block tall sprites? I'm using PV game resources so It would definitely be needed for the 2nd part
  13. Trying to pull off certain types of spells.

    a little time consuming but it will work Thanks. and you answered my next question..but My next question (3) is: ' is there a way to hinder a spells hit chance by wearing specific armor? but at the same time not hinder weapon damage, IE: Paladin wears heavy armor, and has a chance to fail his...
  14. Trying to pull off certain types of spells.

    Ok I decided to open up my old Project where it is heavily Magic based. I have a question. I have a spell that I would like to do. It is like a damage undead spell. "Disrupt Undead" in D&D terms, essentially it is suppose to deal 1-6 damage to undead only. so if you use it on a goblin it either...
  15. Underground Fight Club design

    @eXalted I love Neo Scavenger I was playing back in Alpha stages.....kinda forgot about it to be honest may need to look into it for some inspiration
  16. Underground Fight Club design

    Hey ya'll So I decided I needed a side project so I don't get demotivated from my current one, So I was thinking of what I could do that is overly different but keeping the MV feel kinda. and since I love MMA/Wrestling/street fights. I decided I would give it a shot. So I got the Cliche'...
  17. Seeking Formula - Skills get stronger the more they're used

    Hey Frogboy you should check out some of Yanfly's skill tutorials I'm pretty sure he has something similar to what you are looking for
  18. [FROG] Talent Core - A D&D like Skill system and/or character building system!

    THANKS Frogboy after all your amazing plugins I've scrapped my project for a more D&D fantasy setting but Im cool with that but another million dollar question. I want to add cross classing like in D&D now I know I can use Yanfly's class and subclass changer. but where with your plugin certain...
  19. Parallax & Doodads.

    Woot thank you so much
  20. Parallax & Doodads.

    Hey Ya'll quick question. I am using PVG resources for MV, now I currently have Yanflys Doodads and it is helping considerably. But My grass and roads look...dull and I would like to parallax the ground only then Doodad the this possible? I haven't done much parallax mapping

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