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    About KOd RPG Maker characters not gaining experience from the winning party...

    Because you don't remember much after getting knocked TF out.
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    How many stats do you prefer in a game?

    What does each stat do? CON=HP (how many rotten tomatoes can you eat?) STR=Attack power (how hard can you throw a tomato?) DEX=Agility (how easily can you dodge a thrown tomato?) INT=Magic attack (Knowing tomatoes are fruit) WIS=Magic defense and MP (Knowing not to put tomatoes in fruit salad)...
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    Story-Driven Skill Aquirement.

    I think it sounds great. On the subject of just buying skills, maybe tie those skills to your character sidequests? Ex, a blue wizard can buy a couple black/white magic spells, and a mugger can buy a few warrior skills.
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    Story-Driven Skill Aquirement.

    Story-linked skill progression does sound a bit "railroady," but letting the player choose how the story goes does mitigate that. It does sound workable, and it'll encourage repeated playthroughs. On linking skills to the player's actions in battle, would that extend to other classes, ex a...
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    Should I include a dating sim in my game?

    As someone who's painfully shy, I'd like to see whoever said "all stories need a love triangle" undergo a Witch Trial. I'm going to quote Zero Punctuation on this: "Imagine if there was some kind of parallel universe where every game and movie, regardless of genre, was required to incorporate at...
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    Mechanics you dislike

    Can I please have a plugin for a Morale system? It seems like all enemies are suicidally overconfident. I really want to be able to utilize a mechanic where the enemy craps itself and Flees when I pull all the arms and legs off their buddy. "Sure, he literally ate Big Jim with a fork and knife...
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    Mechanics you dislike

    * Item repair: Why does my Life-Stealing Greatsword of AwesomeSauce break down when I had to fight a god to get the damn thing? Now I'm scared to use it. Why is this mechanic here? Realism? Have you looked outside lately? Reality sucks, which is why I'm playing a video game instead. A cash sink...
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    Shields for Magic Users.

    So Cantrips, then? Level 0 spells that don't have to be prepped/cost 0 MP. Make one of those be the wizard's basic attack. Dragon Age made an energy bolt fired from a staff be the magician's basic attack, and I think Warhammer made a few 0 cost spells for when the Mage/Sorcerer/Psyker has a Warp...
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    "I don't get it, but that's what the instructions said to do..."

    "I don't get it, but that's what the instructions said to do..."
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    Writers block on these character classes. Any ideas to make them all viable?

    For your time-wizard, I'd like to draw your attention to "Tales of Maj'eyal" for a sec, which also has a Chronomancer. One of their skills involves summoning themselves from the past/future to help deal with a big problem (think like Church's army of temporal duplicates from Red vs Blue, but...
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    Oopps it broke!

    Durability is never fun. You have to sink money and time into maintaining your gear, and you end up never using the cool stuff you earned because it'll break and you'll lose it. Durability is always either a way to sink the huge (or worse, not so huge) ammounts of money an adventurer makes to...
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    Battle System Suggestions

    Armello has a similar system, but includes Night, Day, and Plague die results. Daiurnal characters get an attack bonus during the day (suns), which is reversed for nocturnal characters (moons). Plagued characters gain attack bonus against characters less sick than themselves, which works by...
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    Making a Fun Support Class

    Support classes usually heal; they can often give out buffs and debuffs too. They bolster the other characters in some way. They just often end up being unapreciated for it.
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    Making a Fun Support Class

    Well yes, but that's the thing: How do we tie it back to the class' strength?
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    Making a Fun Support Class

    No, nobody mentioned a bar or a place. "How do we make the Support Party Member as satisfying to play as any other class?" Nothing about bars.
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    Making a Fun Support Class

    Nobody seems to like playing as a support class. It seems to be more like playing as the team waterboy, running around with a tray of snacks while everyone else has fun. What are some ways we could make support classes more enjoyable? For example, I had thought of a variant Necromancer who uses...
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    Well, TV Tropes has an article called "Power Crystal," maybe check that out.
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    How Many Classes & Multiclassing?

    I do a sort of pseudo-Job system with Class Rings (grant a level of a class for as long as they're worn), and subclass-granting items. Each subclass item has a qualifier that denotes who can use it: The Knight gets Aegi, the Monk gets Relics, the Mage gets Talismans, and the Shapeshifter gets...
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    Need a better name for this skill...

    Strange minds think alike, that's the first thing I thought when I read the description. * Demon Tread * Flaming Wander (Geddit? Geddit?) * Hotfoot
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    Element States Ideas?

    Oh, I love tying States to Damage Types. I always thought that spending MP for a lightshow and MoAr DaMaGe was bupkuss. Darkness (always has a Life-Drain aspect to it) causes Corruption, which lowers all stats by 13%, but allows the affected actor to use a few Black Magic spells. It also...

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