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  1. Kaazman

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @gsp1995: It's a start. I think it has the common problem of being bigger than it needs to be. So much space, and so little to do. It's also very vanilla. A little bit of resource modding goes a long way in terms of limiting the immediate recognizeability of the typical RTP assets...
  2. Kaazman

    RPG Maker MV Game Making Drive

    Since the MV launch, I've been RTP'ing around trying to achieve competency before I start something. This week I'm starting on my project! I started a master outline for a plot rooted in Nigerian creation myths. Essentially there's a political tug-of-war in which the nations are producing...
  3. Kaazman

    Mike's Stuff (MV)

    Very nice.  Really great wine color.  :D
  4. Kaazman

    Bon Bon's MV Resources - New 1-19-16 Two New Titles for School based games

    The face icons are brilliant. (Especially the chicken)
  5. Kaazman

    Bokou's Freesources - Added Gothic Tileset

    That blindfold.  Brilliant, sir.
  6. Kaazman

    Sleepy Hollow Skull Head For Character Generator

    Lookin' good. I'm looking forward to somebody putting together a battler for this.  I'm feeling a skeleton army coming on.
  7. Kaazman

    MV Parallax Mapping for Beginners (3 Part Video Series)

    Wonderful tutorial. Excellent for beginners because it's grounded in the RTP.  For those looking to get even more advanced, I'd point you to Kaus's Overlay Mapping Plugin.
  8. Kaazman

    Maru's MV Bits

    Loving these tree variations. Thank you. A mega-tree would be fantastic.
  9. Kaazman

    Petschko's Resources

    These are awesome. Thanks for the upload.
  10. Kaazman

    Variety Of Guns For Your Heroes To Use In Battle

    These are marvelous. What a contribution.
  11. Kaazman

    Luna's Tiles (MV)

    Fantastic as always.
  12. Kaazman

    Vibrant Sideview battlers

    Great improvement, Especially the saturation in the hair color.
  13. Kaazman

    Delete Mods Please

    I dig this, Thanks for the upload! The complete set would have the cliff tops from the bottom of the A layer converted as well.

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