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  1. Queen-of-Ice101

    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Your animals are absolutely amazing!! I'm so excited to try them:D Thank you for making them avalable^^
  2. Queen-of-Ice101

    Ogedei's Asia Themed Content (Updated: 2019/01/01)

    These are beautiful tilesets and items!!
  3. Queen-of-Ice101

    Celeste-Ominous' Pride Flags!

    These are awesome!! I love the flags, thank you so much for making them avalable for everyone use:LZScheeze:
  4. Queen-of-Ice101

    Watercolor character portraits and faces

    These are wonderful^^ I love your style!
  5. Queen-of-Ice101

    Swords for now

    These weapons are beautifully done!! Thank you for sharing for use, I can't wait to use a couple of these^^
  6. Queen-of-Ice101

    Johan's MV stuff! (Updated 11/02/2018) (Added Castle Walls)

    I love the door tiles!! Thank you for converting these for use^^
  7. Queen-of-Ice101

    So excited, I was able to buy the RPG Maker MV during the long weekend sale yesterday!! So...

    So excited, I was able to buy the RPG Maker MV during the long weekend sale yesterday!! So excited to have it :kaojoy:
  8. Queen-of-Ice101

    Hello :)

    @Ihavenoskin Oooh good to know!! I looked into it and it looks like the perfect program for what I want to do @Frogboy Thank you!!!
  9. Queen-of-Ice101

    Oooh happy Vietnam National Day then!!! Haha best way to spend a holiday

    Oooh happy Vietnam National Day then!!! Haha best way to spend a holiday
  10. Queen-of-Ice101

    Hello :)

    Thanks @Gallia and @literarygoth !!! I look forward to getting to know fellow users in the community :oswt:
  11. Queen-of-Ice101

    Hello :)

    MV is on mac?? I had no idea!! I was under the impression that they were all PC only. Thats awesome, I'll have to check that out then!! Haha aww the drawing in your siggy is really cute ^__^
  12. Queen-of-Ice101

    Hello :)

    Hello!!! I'm new to the forums for the most part, I did a little bit of lurking before deciding to just join the community:ohappy: I've long been a huge fan of RPG Maker graphics, although due to having a mac I currently cannot get the programs for myself {so sad:osad:} But I am currently...
  13. Queen-of-Ice101

    Sprite Sheet Issue

    @mlogan I did the drop box and it actually provided me with the solution to the strange background through download issues. I managed to pinpoint the problem with that sheet, and it actually turns out that it's because of another program that I used to put the two separate sprite sheets...
  14. Queen-of-Ice101

    Sprite Sheet Issue

    Okay!!! I'll try that then! Thank you!!
  15. Queen-of-Ice101

    Sprite Sheet Issue

    My apologies about submitting to the wrong forum!! We actually already checked about that since when I did a google search that was one of the first options that came up, but they told me that they uploaded it directly into VX Ace. One of our sprite sheets already worked for the program, which...
  16. Queen-of-Ice101

    Sprite Sheet Issue

    Hello!! Recently I got involved in a game making project and I was tasked with the roll of designing the sprites. I'm brand new at this kind of stuff so I got myself a program to build base sprites to design off of called Game Character Hub, and while the program is doing okay I'm having a...

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