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  1. ethervagabond

    What's a good max resolution?

    Oh yeah, the editor I'll keep on 1080 lol
  2. ethervagabond

    Choise support

    maybe he just wants to practice his JavaScript? lol
  3. ethervagabond

    What's a good max resolution?

    I've been working mostly on my laptop and I had my resolution set to 1110 x 624, which I think looked fine. But recently I got back my desktop which has a much better GPU (not that it makes THAT much difference for my game) and my 22 inch monitor, so I looked at changing my resolution to 1920 x...
  4. ethervagabond

    Light Spell

    Uh...I feel like such an idiot. I swear I'm not this much of a noob at eventing. This doesn't even fully encompass what I want to do but it's given me enough to go on that I can figure out the rest. Thanks for your help.
  5. ethervagabond

    Light Spell

    I wanted to make a light spell in my game, something that can brighten up dark areas, you know? But I can't think of a way to do it so that it works the way that I want. It'd be easy if you could tint the screen according to variables, but I don't see a way to do that. I just want it to tint the...
  6. ethervagabond

    Galv's Extra Agility Turn

    Yeah, I thought you might say that. Oh well, I still love the plugin. I'll figure out some way to make it work.
  7. ethervagabond

    Galv's Extra Agility Turn

    @Galv Hi I know this is an old plugin and all, but I'm wondering if there's a way to set this plugin up to be more compatible with Yanfly's Battle Engine Core plugin's Turn Order Display extension. It almost works perfectly, but for some reason during the extra turn, it always displays one...
  8. ethervagabond

    Using more than one font in a game

    I was starting a new game, but check my most recent edit, which I was doing while you were typing, probably. :D I got it working lol Thanks for your help!!
  9. ethervagabond

    Using more than one font in a game

    It is a ttf. ....I think I just figured it out. See, I had a font in my font folder that wasn't listed in your plugin, and it was an .otf. I'm not sure if it just being in there without being listed is what caused it, or if it was an otf. I had turned ALL of my plugins off and it still wasn't...
  10. ethervagabond

    Using more than one font in a game

    Hi. So, I did put the Eli Book in my current project and sample project. I made a little composite image here. When I use my current project, I get the error message in the first picture here. When I use the sample project I get the second error message. The settings I'm using are in the third...
  11. ethervagabond

    Using more than one font in a game

    So, I know how to change the main game font, that's pretty easy. I want to have my title screen be in a different font. I've only found one plugin that seems to do this, Eli's Font Manager. But for some reason it just doesn't seem to work. I even tested it on a fresh project with no other...
  12. ethervagabond

    "Project Robo-Gen" Robotic generator parts

    Your examples have a lot of cool eyes that you haven't released yet. I'm looking forward to that! EDIT: I did a very small edit to the robot clothing, so that I could color in the mouth area. Really minor, but if anyone wants it, here it is: EDIT 2: okay, so apparently I don't really know what...
  13. ethervagabond

    Actor based HP/MP/TP Customization (inkl. Gauge colors) - v1.1 supporting icons and text commands

    @ST0RMTiger hmm...I ran your example project and I can't open the menu. It says: Failed to load: img/faces/Actor3.png EDIT: I mean I just went and changed the face and now it's fine, but I thought that was weird/you should know
  14. ethervagabond

    RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.68 - Update on the 10th April 2021

    Where can I find these warnings at? I don't see them. EDIT: Is it the dialogue box at the bottom? Because I have 800 and something of those, all telling me "it is advised to add an icon to every resource." Is there some way to just clear them? Because I can't add icons to 800 resources.
  15. ethervagabond

    [MV added!]Resource Generators - A face for your hero

    Whew. This was a long haul. I had to download...well basically everything for MV listed. Gen parts drive me crazy, cause I need as many as I can possibly find, even though I won't use most of them, cause I gotta try different things out and see how they look when I'm making characters lol. Thank...
  16. ethervagabond

    Edward's MV Resource V0.22[Colosseum Tile Updated 10/15/2017]

    I'd really love to see some fresh links to these resources, especially the generator parts. This seems to be dead now too. Seems like Edward Chen might be out of the game. That blows cause I really like this stuff. Oh well. (sorry if this is considered necroposting, I didn't see anything...
  17. ethervagabond

    DarkDragon76's Generator Parts!

    Me tooooo. It's like the best one of the 3 too, I love that hat :(
  18. ethervagabond

    RMMV Change name of MP gauge for some actors

    How do I do that, exactly? You mean to click the little report button on my original post and just type in "solved?"
  19. ethervagabond

    RMMV Change name of MP gauge for some actors

    lol ST0RMTiger, looks like you made it for nothing after all. I swapped the order though and it works great. Thanks again!
  20. ethervagabond

    RMMV Change name of MP gauge for some actors

    Oh yeah, I didn't try putting it above because I thought maybe it would override the swap function, but looks like it's the other way round. Can't wait to get home and try it out!

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