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  1. [FIXED] MV-compatible animation not showing up

    Oh yup, that was it, my bad. VisuMZ's Action Sequence Camera plugin was Version 1.08. This bug seems to have been fixed since the 1.10 version of January 20. Thanks for the lead !
  2. [FIXED] MV-compatible animation not showing up

    Hi ! Sorry, forgot to do that Edited the first answer with the image (and added the info that SE & Flash are still played)
  3. [FIXED] MV-compatible animation not showing up

    Hello ! Simple problem here, my RPG Maker MV-compatible animation are not showing up on the screen. Here is the animation : Here is the skill : The only time I can see it is whenever I put it into "screen", where it seems to play at (0,0) coordinates, hence we can barely see it at the...
  4. RMMZ [Visustella Sideview Battle UI] How to modify Window_ActorCommand's Width ?

    Thanks, that's what I needed ! Already did the horizontal thing, only thing I needed was the width. It was well hiden :( Thanks !
  5. RMMZ [Visustella Sideview Battle UI] How to modify Window_ActorCommand's Width ?

    Hello ! I'm trying to change the Window_ActorCommand to make it horizontal. However, Visustella seems to change the function, making it impossible to change the width of the Window. I tried changing the width by writing a plugin to change Window_ActorCommand and/or...
  6. RMMZ [Fixed] FOSSIL & YEP Map Quest Windows

    Tried with both, no results sadly EDIT : Did a quick fix, this is likely not a good solution but will do for now. Check edited version
  7. RMMZ [Fixed] FOSSIL & YEP Map Quest Windows

    Hello everyone ! Hoping this is the right section to ask this. I'm trying to use YEP Map Quest Windows alongside FOSSIL, however my quest list does not seem to be shown On the console's side it seems right I am using default's Game Font, the same as with my YEP Quest Journal, so it...
  8. RMMZ Automatic opening of the Skill Windows ?

    Hello ! I'm trying to automatically open the Skill windows instead of the actor windows, to make my user only being able to use skills. At first, I tried something like this (directly in rmmz_scene to test it out) (Kinda nooby ikr) But this only open a skill windows without any skills loaded...

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