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  1. Kurot

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Thank you very much for the feedback ATT_Turan, I already changed the command as per your explanation, everything is working perfectly now.
  2. Kurot

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Apparently I got what I wanted after researching some subjects here on the forum, in particular a post by Nolonar, regarding a member's question HERE. For those wondering, the script command that worked was: $gamePlayer.followers().follower(0).isMoving()...
  3. Kurot

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Hello everyone, I use RPG Maker MV and I would like some help if possible, so thanks in advance to anyone who can help. First, I know almost nothing about javascript, so my question may seem silly or stupid. I'm making an event so that when a character "X" is in the group, while he is walking...
  4. Kurot

    RMMV ⊰Dampftraum⊱ ༊ a Steampunk Fairy Tale ☽࿐

    Great job with the production of the maps. Waiting for more updates.
  5. Kurot

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm still tinkering the map little by little to improve it. Oh, and I'll definitely look at the deficiencyproductionz project, it's always good to have more references. It will probably be one of the first maps at the beginning of the game, so I found your point...
  6. Kurot

    RMMV Haven's Embers

    I really liked your original art. I'm looking forward to seeing what your battle style will look like. I'm using a chrono trigger battle system too so I will use you as a reference in the future :LZScheeze:
  7. Kurot

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Hi guys, I really liked what Lycanimuss did with the grass in his Altar of Sacrifice in page 95, and the title screen made by KawaiiKid in page 97. Great work! So after I started using parallax mapping I can't see other default maps like I used to. I'd like to hear from you guys about this...
  8. Kurot

    RMMV Legion Saga DX

    I'm looking forward to playing. Legion saga was one of the best games I played in the past, and at that time I barely spoke English, but I really enjoyed the battle system and the style of the game and the soundtrack. Good luck with the project.
  9. Kurot

    Shadow of an object with fire inside

    It's a start, I didn't even know what to call this object. I think I'll try to do something like that and see if something good comes out. Thank you very much.
  10. Kurot

    Shadow of an object with fire inside

    Well, in this case I think that since fire is the source of light, the shadow should be something that is completely around the object, and not just in one direction, so I'm racking my brain thinking about how I should do it haha
  11. Kurot

    Just found it!

    Just found it!
  12. Kurot

    RMMV Mana Star

    I really liked the characters and the style and hud of the battle. However, I would like to see more printscreens of the maps. Great job so far, await new updates.
  13. Kurot

    Shadow of an object with fire inside

    So, I was making a map of a darker cave and I decided to use this object to light the environment. I made the shadows of the other objects on the map but I forgot to make the light source itself. However, when I was creating the shadow of the object in the image above I came across a mental...
  14. Kurot

    Hi Ossra, I was looking at the Quasi Simple Shadow plugin and saw that you have placed an addon...

    Hi Ossra, I was looking at the Quasi Simple Shadow plugin and saw that you have placed an addon named Exhydra - Quasi Simple Shadow Extras 1.02, in this link: simple-shadows.58685/page-2. However, it is no longer available. Would you be...
  15. Kurot

    Terrax Lighting system

    I've been trying to find the demo too. If anyone has an alternative link I would greatly appreciate it.
  16. Kurot

    Equipment Learning

    So, I was trying to use this plugin in Chrono Engine's battle style, and it seems that it doesn't recognize the battle as a real "battle". When I defeat a monster it doesn't count the AP, even though I placed the notetag in the enemies tab. Would anyone know a solution to recognize the enemy's...
  17. Kurot

    RMMV Plugin Bug Support: MOG_CharPoses

    Thank you very much! Works like a charm. Love you
  18. Kurot

    RMMV Plugin Bug Support: MOG_CharPoses

    Hello everyone, everything good? I need help with a MogHunter plugin that you can download via this link: In this link it is possible to download several plugins, but what is giving me a headache is the MOG_CharPoses plugin. I tried to...
  19. Kurot

    How Long Have YOU Been Using RPG Maker?

    I've been using since RPG 2000. I miss games like legion saga...
  20. Kurot

    Enable Formation even when I have just one actor

    In fact, it is not a problem created by a plugin. It is a standard configuration of Rpg Maker MV. Whenever there is only one character in the group, the Formation selection is turned off. So, in other words, in the patterns of a new project, I wanted the Formation option to remain ON even with...

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