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  1. Cartridge

    D'Art MV Resources (Latest Upload [Feb 10,2016]: Parallax Big Trees)

    I'm having the same problem. Would love to be able to see what you put together!
  2. Cartridge

    Incredible Journey Mapping/Screenshot Contest

    This was great fun! There was some strong competition here, number two and one, congratulations. Your maps are truly magical!
  3. Cartridge

    waterfall movement

    I am not a scripter, nor a mod, but I am passing by to tell you that good scripters are scarce around here. This  comment may even decrease your chances, because this comment makes you look arrogant, which could result in a loss of interest of people to make a script for you. I wish you the best...
  4. Cartridge

    Buildings in a strategy game - which ones do you consider important?

    If your game is a post-apocalyptic one, personally, I wouldn't add a place where you can entertain the masses... there probably aren't alot of people around and they will be focused on survival. Just my two cents though.
  5. Cartridge

    Incredible Journey Mapping/Screenshot Contest

    (*edit: For some reason it does not show the image in full resolution, at least for me. So here's the direct link, just to be save: )   So, here is my entry. The VX (and one from Ace) Heroes are enjoying a well-earned rest after they have fought the forces of the...
  6. Cartridge

    Game & Map Screenshots 4

    @galv that sure does look amazing. Cool tiles you made there!
  7. Cartridge

    - Border - The game you`ll never play!

    I've read your comic and I was hooked into it from the start. This looks very promising sir, I'll follow the game's progress closely.
  8. Cartridge

    Game & Map Screenshots 4

    That's because you need to search for "First Seed Material" on google. This is his official blog if I'm not mistaken: @Ghoster I love how you combine the common 'painted' tilesets from rpgmaker with pixelart. Simply amazing!
  9. Cartridge

    Amulet of Athos: Legend of the Sarian Knights

    I have been following AoA from the first topic you made about it, I believe that was on, and I must say that your mapping keeps improving. dat atmosphere :3 Best of luck with this and a happy new year to you too! ~Cartridge
  10. Cartridge

    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    Those stairs in the middle seem to block the hall which connects the two rooms. Makes no sense to me :/ Next to the stairs the bottom part of the wall is missing (oh wait, there is an extra part, on the left side of the stairs) ugh, you already said you had to fix alot. Alright, the two rooms...
  11. Cartridge

    Candacis' Resources

    Hey there! Your tileset edits in the Restaff are superb! I most likely will use them in my game. Keep up the good work! ~Cartridge
  12. Cartridge

    RMVX Tiranogg: Land of Promise

    A brief review about the first twenty minutes of the game: I have downloaded the game yesterday, and already after twenty minutes I decided to quit playing Enelysion. My main reason for doing so is the frustratingly unbalanced battlesystem. Ocedic has already showed you the problems, and I...
  13. Cartridge

    the Door of Zosha [UPD:05-29-2014]

    I played the introduction, and all I can say is wow. Strong atmosphere, beautiful mapping and a darned cliffhanger. You caught my interest, I will follow where this goes.
  14. Cartridge

    adblocker plussss<3

    adblocker plussss<3
  15. Cartridge

    Really? I like the bloke. He has always been a great commentator imo. Now indeed, if someone...

    Really? I like the bloke. He has always been a great commentator imo. Now indeed, if someone could make him developing a game with Ace...
  16. Cartridge

    Take him to a psychiatrist

    Take him to a psychiatrist
  17. Cartridge

    Plot and Character Feedback

    I think I get the person you describe here. He became ruler because he promised (and did it) better times and work for everyone. Then he used a clever political game to became supreme ruler and voila. Yea I looked up some ways. The only problem really left is why he hates them so much -___- I...
  18. Cartridge

    Plot and Character Feedback

    Yes the story has some major holes atm but 'be fixin that. Why would anyone appoint a Duke like that hmmm.... maybe birthright?  Maybe they didn't know that he was like that in the first place.. dammit gotta rethink that part indeed! You gave me some good ideas to think about.
  19. Cartridge

    Chain Game II - Brainstorming

    Ye I meand that we should stick to one width and height and not making every person alter it every time D:
  20. Cartridge

    Plot and Character Feedback

    I'm always afraid of sharing my plot ideas because I'm scared of thieves :'( not that anyone wishes to steal from this piece of... nevermind. just. feedback. so this is without giving away too much detail: Fomalhaut is a cool name I think. (geez, sounds like a strange wizard doesn't it?)...

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