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  1. Yukinose

    Copierre, releasing Jan. 24th on Steam!

    Just got it officially approved by Steam, so I guess I should be posting it to a few places. It'll be $4.99, 10% off on launch. Description: The kingdom requires the aid of these four heroes with the power of duplication! Take control of these four heroes in this strategy game inspired by...
  2. Yukinose

    Centering text to the center

    I didn't look at it too closely, but drawTextEx's return value seems to be the width of the text given to it, in pixels? So using that, you could do maths and center it that way. Or if you can't use it like that, you could go into the text provided to drawTextEx yourself. You'd convert the...
  3. Yukinose

    RMMV Copierre - Tower Defense RPG (Playable demo)

    Nah, while it is a lot of stuff I've already been pondering about, that's definitely the kind of feedback I've been hoping for! Introducing the game to an actual audience hasn't been part of the development at all. Honestly, the only reason the archer even provides any info is for the...
  4. Yukinose

    RMMV Copierre - Tower Defense RPG (Playable demo)

    Demo release It's got very little polish, presentation-wise, but I believe it should be playable through to the first boss. Hoping to get feedback on things.
  5. Yukinose

    The most common mistake you made JS

    Scene_Something.prototype.someFunction() {} instead of Scene_Something.prototype.someFunction = function() {} Also, console.log('gold obtained: ' amount)
  6. Yukinose

    RMMV Copierre - Tower Defense RPG (Playable demo)

    Project description "Tower defenses" are games where the player stops monsters from reaching the goal line by building towers to defeat those monsters. The player chooses which towers to build, and where to place them. Different enemies require different configurations, and it'll be up to the...
  7. Yukinose

    Disable certain characters for name input?

    Window_NameInput.table is what you want to modify. It tells the name input window what set of characters the player can use when naming their character. You'll see things like Window_NameInput.LATIN1 and Window_NameInput.LATIN2. You would likely want to create your own alphabet like that, such...
  8. Yukinose

    Thinking about the Paradigm for Defensive Actors

    The fact that Defend commands are barely used is an exposed symptom of typical RPG combat systems just generally being shallow/uninteresting at their core. To truly solve it, you'd have to redesign your combat system at the fundamental level. There needs to be a properly functioning...

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