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  1. A_Normal_Guy

    Is This Possible/Can Anyone Help Me?

    So why u don't try to do a method of acess of some of Key informations to the players when he/she wanted? Like, u can have... I don't know, maybe a book who guards the most important information in that part of gameplay or maybe a NPC. Just a suggestion. i just saw what fluffymonster commented...
  2. A_Normal_Guy

    Is This Possible/Can Anyone Help Me?

    First of all, I don't know how to resolve ur problem. I just wanted point out I think u are seeing this on a wrong way. I understand dialogue is very important for a game and if u says the dialogue do all that diference in your game, so it's more importatant yet. But, I think u are trying to...
  3. A_Normal_Guy

    Moves pokemon should have

    There are many examples, I can remeber somes, like: Kyurem-Black don't learn Ice punch, but it haves gigantic arms and the type ice... Gyarados being a Flying type and don't learning nothing flying usefull, the best thing it learns it's "bounce". It could have more logic if was a Dragon/Water...
  4. A_Normal_Guy

    RM2k/3 Monigote Fantasy [English] Full version available!

    "..." I'm speechless. Now, serious. What an AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL game! Without a doubt it's one of my favorites rpgs I played in many years. I finished the game like 30 minutes ago, so i will tell my thoughts. At the beginning I thought was just a generic RPG; grind, XP, party and etc like...

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