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  1. Villhelm

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter!
  2. Villhelm


  3. Villhelm

    Is there no "fast" way to create a new cell in every frame of an animation?

    Just tried it and confirmed that works. Wish I had started using tweening earlier in my project, I always thought it could interpolate parameters of cells, but not that it could create new ones that didn't exist.
  4. Villhelm

    Is there no "fast" way to create a new cell in every frame of an animation?

    Tweening works if the cells are already in the frames but the OP still needs to get a second cell into those 95 frames before they can tween between frames 1 and 95. Unless what @caethyril says is true, in which case disregard the rest of my post (and I’m happy to learn something new today)…...
  5. Villhelm

    8 years on mine, I’ve rescoped the demo and started over on maps a couple times as I’ve learned...

    8 years on mine, I’ve rescoped the demo and started over on maps a couple times as I’ve learned more about the engine. Having a couple kids along the way has also been a factor…
  6. Villhelm

    Pre-skill effects using Yanfly's YEP_X_ActSeqPack1

    Another reason we need the screenshot of the skill is to check the scope of the skill. If it's affecting multiple targets this could get called multiple times. You might want to move the common event into <setup action>.
  7. Villhelm

    'Jump' in Action Sequence

    Glad I could help!
  8. Villhelm

    'Jump' in Action Sequence

    You may want to lengthen the durations as well, because a duration of 12 would be 1/5 of a second. Maybe try durations of 60 for jumps and 120 for movement to make sure the motion is working right and then you can speed it up afterwards.
  9. Villhelm

    'Jump' in Action Sequence

    I’m not very familiar with the MZ method of creating action sequences but the format of the sequence in your original screenshot seems a bit off if you want an enemy to jump twice to reach the party. If I’m reading this right… Jump (Duration 12) Wait for Jump Jump (Duration 12) Wait for Jump...
  10. Villhelm

    FREE Numina - Looking for Betatesters

    I’ll take all the free advertising I can get! :thumbsup-left::cutesmile::thumbsup-right:
  11. Villhelm

    Help naming a type of magic?

    Divination would be the D&D school, but you mentioned avoiding that. Gnosis is the Greek noun for knowledge or insight (and you’re using Chrono similarly for time), so you could go with Gnosticism.
  12. Villhelm

    Better solution for complex bridges than eventing every tile?

    Instead of breaking this up into so many per tile characters / events, what if you do the following: a) one character / event for the base of the bridge / rear railing (that just happens to be 4x8 tiles in size). b) one character / event for the fore railing (1x8 tiles in size). c)...
  13. Villhelm

    Interactable indicator on top of events

    Similar to @GmOcean ’s suggestion, you can use a loop animation plugin and just layer a sparkle animation on top of any interactable events. I’m not familiar with the MZ options, but I have used Victor Engine’s Loop Animation plugin for MV. There may be something similar for MZ or it may work...
  14. Villhelm

    Thoughts on making all skills useful?

    I’m going the route of fewer skills with several tiers of upgrades to them in my project. Basic attacks are intended to remain useful throughout the game. For some characters this is because, once upgraded, they are the character’s mechanism for applying buffs/debuffs, for others, they are tied...
  15. Villhelm

    RMMZ Trying to call data from a previous skill

    I’m not sure about the lastAction portion of this approach but in your formula that * 0.03% needs to have the percent sign removed because that’s going to get interpreted as the MOD operator. I’m more familiar with MV but a way I would approach this there would be to use a passive state plugin...
  16. Villhelm

    FREE Weorrtorn - Recruiting Artists -

    Returning to this thread to open up again on recruitment. I’ve been doing passes at the combat system to set it up for battle formations and bring some more style/consistency to the characters. I’ve also been compiling the soundtrack for the game. At this time I’m particularly interested in...
  17. Villhelm

    RMMV Weorrtorn

    Made some updates to the original post and added Evelynn's new artwork. I'm working on an update to how Mǽlhafoc charges up his Ambush skills. Sneak peak below:
  18. Villhelm

    RMMV Weorrtorn

    I'll go back and update the main post at a later point, but wanted to share an update to Evelynn's sprite, battler, and bust!
  19. Villhelm

    RMMV Battle Commands customization

    Here's a screenshot of my Plugin Manager. Upon review I did need to override a function in BOB_BattleCommandList (thus the Horizon_Customizations entry below it in the list). So try them in that order with those couple lines commented out and let me know if that works. I'm concerned that I...
  20. Villhelm

    RMMV Battle Commands customization

    I’m currently using Olivia BattleSystemOTB, a collection of Yanfly plugins, and Bobstah Battle Commands without issue. Can you elaborate on the incompatibility you’re seeing?

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