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  1. jayray

    Orange Mapshot

    I wish... and even then, stuck with a black canvas background.
  2. jayray

    Orange Mapshot

    Here's what I'm TRYING to do.. I want to create a mapshot that saves everything in a map, including picture layers to a canvas, a canvas that is transparent, so basically as a .png file with transparency. In context, imagine a dollmaker with picture layers that spits out a transparent PNG file...
  3. jayray

    Orange Mapshot

    update... Using the OrangeMapshot plugin, I'm having two main issues. The first is trying to find where to add PICTURES as another layer to add to the canvas... So that I can add this syntax to the plugin Then I need to know where the CANVAS is so that I can enter THIS code. Let me know if...
  4. jayray

    Plug-Ins, Tools, and Tutorials - PVGames Assets

    Sprite Templates for the new 2.5D Sprite Sheets? (1 through 4)
  5. jayray

    RMMV More loading screen variation? (MV)

    That's awesome, but unfortunately it's for MZ. Also, I'm not looking for an animated gif persay, just like... for the game to choose randomly one of say 16 preset 'loading screen' images, so I can do things like small portraits with text blurbs under them WITH the words 'Loading' in the lower...
  6. jayray

    CTR_Engine v2.4(now with DEMO) for 3d or just isometric tilemap

    A question and maybe a problem with the demo? Um.. it appears that depth works fine on down/left facing sprites, but not with down/right facing ones? Now.. this was a weird bug fromt he demo at the start. Yet, when I hit E, and the screen rotates that 90 degrees clockwise, all the doors and...
  7. jayray

    Jump Common Event Issues for Platformer in MV

    Try putting the Script version with arrowup AND arrowright BEFORE the version that's just the arrow up. Then put some sort of switch or such to pop it out of the event page, and then pop it back in to the event page. That way, it will check to make sure that firstly, if both are pressed, do...
  8. jayray

    RMMV More loading screen variation? (MV)

    While I understand that the concept of a loading screen is to NOT drain resources while it loads the next map, I had an idea where when a loading screen would pop up, one of say 16 different images would pop up instead. They'd be small, maybe a small icon and a little bit of text, tidbits about...
  9. jayray

    RMMV The aggravating white pulsating selection box.

    I like your idea the best ATT_Turan, thank you!
  10. jayray

    RMMV The aggravating white pulsating selection box.

    As a beginner in Javascript coding, I have a question/issue I'd like to ask about. What I'd like to do is remove the white pulsating box that appears on commands in the menu and or change it to have a Z-index that's slightly below the text that shows up but is above the window in which it is...
  11. jayray

    Mapping Using PV Asset's and Yanfly Doodads.

    yeah, I'm noticing the screentearing and tiletearing with that particular mapshot plugin as well. not sure why, and it doesn't seem to matter what size map we use.
  12. jayray

    RMMV Screenshot the pictures on screen instead of the Game_Screen itself?

    I'd like to snapshot a part of a screen, and only the picture layers (and subsequently their masks and other effects) without a background, needing the transparency in the image generated. I'm using RPG Maker MV.
  13. jayray

    Picture/Image masking plugin, simple graphic effect.

    Looks like it. AS each picture independantly takes its mask from the picture layer that's acting like a mask, if you say take picture 1 away, pictures 2 3 and 4 still look to 5 for its mask information.
  14. jayray

    Picture/Image masking plugin, simple graphic effect.

    Yes, my frustrations were eased... Yanfly Core Engine works fine under the masking plugin, but when it's above it, the Masking plugin will NOT work. It works now, and I am... Euphoric!!! Exstatic!!! WOW!!!! (Also, just for note. one mask will ALSO work on multiple pictures, meaning the same...
  15. jayray

    Picture/Image masking plugin, simple graphic effect.

    would you create a basic demo that does this? because just, something is NOT working right in my project.
  16. jayray

    RMMV Pictures and their masks? Help?

    So, I'm working on a project, that seeks to take a picture, and apply a mask picture to it, via this plugin. Of course, in my project, which is on 1.6.2 MV, with what appears to be 4.5.4...
  17. jayray

    Picture/Image masking plugin, simple graphic effect.

    I think this only works for MZ, yeah? cause I've tried a hundred ways to setmask on this dang picture and I keep getting errors on screen. and yes, I DID try it using the basic directories... like THIS
  18. jayray

    RMMV Cropping a screenshot?

    Also, is there a way for a canvas.toDataURL to NOT include say... a screen background or parallax in its final shot? being able to render JUST the layers above it?
  19. jayray

    RMMV Cropping a screenshot?

    Okay, so in looking at the scripting, whether it's through Huddell's screenshot saver, or Mapshot, there's a few things that are glaring at me. What if, persay, I didn't want a screenshot of the entire map, or even the whole screen, but instead just a x1,y1,x2,y2 area? Any plugins that do that...
  20. jayray

    Orange Overlay v1.1.4 + Animated Parallax Add-On (Updated 7Jul17)

    okay so here's MY question on that... Say I want to use that parallax layer for scrolling things (like river water and such...) What I'd actually like is to have a ground layer that's TILEABLE (so it doesn't necessarily have to be the size of the map to function. Much like the parallax, it'd be...

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