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  1. Ratatattat

    She looks like Francesca from the movie "Ghost Ship" (which I just rewatched last night...

    She looks like Francesca from the movie "Ghost Ship" (which I just rewatched last night, coincidentally xD)
  2. Ratatattat

    Scaling Enemies Without a Traditional Level System

    Yeah, that was one of the main "cons" of exclusively doing either of the first two systems. However, I'm not sure if it's just the normal level of "con" that comes with literally any game that uses scaling, or if it would be worse to scale skills/stats directly (rather than having templated...
  3. Ratatattat

    Scaling Enemies Without a Traditional Level System

    Hey all :) I was hoping for some feedback on my general scaling concept that I'm trying to work out. Whether it be endorsement, criticism, warnings of unforeseen consequences, or further brainstorming, all feedback is welcome!! So I guess, context on the system I have in mind first...
  4. Ratatattat

    Converting Styles

    TBH, I guessed the green girl simply because of theme/type of monster, because I couldn't tell any stylistic difference! I didn't even notice the dithering discrepancy that Plueschkatze mentioned, but now that I see it I agree that would be the final cherry on top.
  5. Ratatattat

    Game & Map Screenshots 12

    Shadowed wall tops, all the way. Non-shadowed stands out way too much IMO. It also doesn't make sense to me why they wouldn't be, since - even though they aren't a part of the wall that the character can see - they're still part of the scene, not outside of it like a user interface of any sort...
  6. Ratatattat

    Is this a good idea, or not?

    It completely depends on how you advertise it! Like they said: I was thinking the same. If you present it as a classic style, medieval RPG in every way so that people automatically expect it to have battles, only to find out it doesn't, then that could turn people off - but only because you...
  7. Ratatattat

    Help naming a type of magic?

    I do like this! Perhaps changing the spelling just a tad, "cognomancy" - either way that's another one I'll definitely consider! I was almost settled on one until this lol now I'm not sure again :LZSlol:
  8. Ratatattat

    Haha, well it is a witch academy game! :kaoblush:

    Haha, well it is a witch academy game! :kaoblush:
  9. Ratatattat

    This looks amazing! :kaopride:

    This looks amazing! :kaopride:
  10. Ratatattat

    Thank you!! :kaoluv:

    Thank you!! :kaoluv:
  11. Ratatattat

    Things that make you NOT want to respond to a post with help.

    These pretty much cover the biggest reasons for me: And I'll add: they're already working it out with someone else and I figure they probably don't need me, and/or the other person probably knows more than me and I wouldn't have anything valuable to add. Especially the impatience for a...
  12. Ratatattat

    Well I'd say I'm improving significantly!! :kaoluv: Old: [ATTACH] New: [ATTACH] (still working...

    Well I'd say I'm improving significantly!! :kaoluv: Old: New: (still working on shading the dress/robe and adding the hat... but maaaaan I'm just thrilled that the hair alone looks like real pixel art!!) Perhaps I should still lighten the colors again, though? :kaoslp:
  13. Ratatattat

    Help naming a type of magic?

    Ooh that's interesting! I don't think I'd go for that for the name of the school of magic, but it could certainly be the words uttered for a spell or something :LZScheeze:
  14. Ratatattat

    Help naming a type of magic?

    Ah, I forgot that was a thing in D&D hahaha. I never pay attention to the types of spells, just my main stats/skills and whether a spell is on my class's spell list :LZSlol: I feel "divination" is common/generic enough of a word though, I mostly just didn't want to directly lift, like...
  15. Ratatattat

    Help naming a type of magic?

    Yeah that's kinda where I was going with that too! I just worry that it's awkward to say. "BIB-lee-oh-SIGH-ence" makes me think of literal "science" more than the suffix meaning "knowledge" like in "omniscience"; but then "bib-lee-OSS-ee-ence" spoken aloud sounds a bit too complicated and...
  16. Ratatattat

    Help naming a type of magic?

    It'll be a branch of divination regarding, basically, "magically knowing/learning stuff". Similar to the meta experience of rolling a History skill check in D&D to see if your character knows about something, where the player doesn't know beforehand whether they have that knowledge until after...
  17. Ratatattat


    Ahh, yes, you're right. I hadn't thought about that! This really depends on how complex your conditions are, though. It would be easy to just have different pages of the NPC event active depending on the time - but you are also checking for the player's position and whatnot, which could...
  18. Ratatattat


    Hmm... Lots of things with this, but I'll address the first big two that come to mind: 1) I don't think you need a loop encompassing an entire event page that already has its trigger set to "Parallel", as the entire page will loop by default. I doubt this is causing the issue, but it could be...
  19. Ratatattat


    I don't see why not, though. If time is controlled via a master variable, and every NPC is basing their schedule on that time variable, then they should all always be up to date. Assuming you've set up each NPC event's page conditions appropriately, then as soon as the player enters the map, the...
  20. Ratatattat


    Yes, exactly what ATT_Turan said. The highest event page number (or last in order) always takes priority, no matter what the conditions of any pages are. If the highest page's conditions are met (e.g. variable >= 3), then it will be active. If not, it will look at the next highest page to see if...

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