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  1. Freank

    RM2k/3 Saint Seiya Densetsu - ABEL

    Probably one of the best Saint Seya games on rpg maker :)
  2. Freank

    RMMZ Memory Hunters

    The mapping looks good. But probably you have to find new sprites for the characters. The are not so similar with the tilesets
  3. Freank

    wow! Very cool style!

    wow! Very cool style!
  4. Freank

    (Remake) The Legend of Zelda

    ...why a remake of a game that is already so loved? ^^"
  5. Freank

    RMMZ Hot Cold - Amazing Mazes

    Are you not so happy to create map XD
  6. Freank

    RMMV Heroes of Time Saga

    How did translate the game in so many languages so fastly...? O.O
  7. Freank

    RMMV Nim's Sin Removal Service (Spooky, Cute RPG)

    wow! I like the style, the idea and the colors! Great game! Congratulations!
  8. Freank

    RMMV Tetralogy of Night Conversations

    you should improve the mapping. Several rooms are very huge and empties.
  9. Freank

    RMMV RAKUEN:E【楽園へ】✨A Slice of Mystery Kinetic Novel✨

    Did you use an engine to realize the artworks? Which one?
  10. Freank

    RMVXA Notes From Province (30+ hour RPG)

    a good use of this tool! Nice mapping! I want to suggest you to change the box-messages style
  11. Freank

    RMMV Our Long Walk Home (Surreal, horror RPG)

    congratulations! The style is great! You will gain a lot of gameplay by youtubers fan of horror games! It is very attractive!
  12. Freank

    RMMZ Forest of Lesbians (Nymph's Tale ep 1) [complete]

    wow! The colors of the maps are amazing! A great parallax work! Congratulation! You are an artist!
  13. Freank

    RMMV Corn Sausage RPG, or: The Greatest Night of Your Life (2hrs)

    It looks like a gliched pokemon game XD
  14. Freank

    RMMZ Survival Island: Zombie invasion!

    Can you upload more screenshots?
  15. Freank

    RMMV The Last Lightbearer

    A nice start! Is it your first project?
  16. Freank

    RMMZ Project Alldevaih (A Short Narrative Game)

    I am still not downloading the game... but watching the screenshots posted... I don't know. the maps look very empties and made with different tilesets...
  17. Freank

    RMMV Epic Wings II

    Good mapping! I like the winter town!
  18. Freank

    RMMZ Sapphire City

    Are you sure about the faceset? The style is too different from the rest of the game...
  19. Freank

    RMMV Help with TMJumpAction yay

    hahaha. Thanks but it is not so pretty! It was just an experiment! Did you upload also your work? Can you show me?
  20. Freank

    RMMV Help with TMJumpAction yay

    I made a platform beta-game using that scirpt (see my signature) .. but my "final feedback" is... don't use rpgmaker to make a platform game XD use Construct 2 or 3. You will have a lot of iussues with the collisions and the controller

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