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  1. Majike

    RM2K3 - Autorun Common Event Ignoring Switch Off

    I am not quite sure HOW exactly, but I managed to solve my issue, and I wanted to provide a link to an Imgur gallery containing the now-fixed Common Events for anyone who might be struggling with a similar issue in the future! <3 Imgur Gallery Much love! x
  2. Majike

    RM2K3 - Autorun Common Event Ignoring Switch Off

    That's good to know about End Event Processing, but that's otherwise what's puzzling me: under the Pause Menu code, under the list of actions to execute when you press 0, one of them is 'Control Switches: [0012: Pause Menu Active] = Off', which is the condition switch for running the pause menu...
  3. Majike

    RM2K3 - Autorun Common Event Ignoring Switch Off

    Hello again everyone! I've started implementing a custom pause menu that I've designed (solely using images), but I've been having a puzzling problem. In order of what is and isn't working: O The pause menu buttons (0-9) won't activate unless Key Detection is on O When Key Detection is on...
  4. Majike

    RM2K3 - Text Not Displaying Instantly

    Oh, that works like a charm! Thank you very much! ^.^
  5. Majike

    RM2K3 - Text Not Displaying Instantly

    Hey everyone! I seem to be having a problem getting this function to work properly on the official Steam release of RM2K3: As far as I can see online, I SHOULD be doing it properly, but the text just displays at the regular steady pace instead of appearing instantly. Below is the test code...

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