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  1. HannahSmith

    Line of sight

    I'm wanting to know this too...
  2. HannahSmith

    Thomas' VX/Ace Resources

    How about lightning bolts?
  3. HannahSmith

    MV+Ace Icon set - Yanfly Edit

    Great, I like these icons!
  4. HannahSmith

    Hannah's MV Goodies

    Yes, you have to credit Kadokawa and own MV. Forgot to include that. :LZSgrin:
  5. HannahSmith

    Hannah's MV Goodies

    I've been starting to make resources from RPG Maker MV. I don't have many now, but I will have more soon!
  6. HannahSmith

    Playtesting slows down game incredibly.

    Perhaps your computer is just old. It might not do that on all computers. But do do what Solwern said.
  7. HannahSmith

    ok, what gives?

    I have had this issue before and am not sure if it is a bug. If an image is too small, it will not always render, at least for me and seemingly for you.
  8. HannahSmith

    Sura's fantasy creature sprites/faces/images

    I love this ogre. Will credit you for sure! :LZSproud:
  9. HannahSmith

    Problem with Self-Destruct skill.

    Yeah, definitely use a.addState(1).
  10. HannahSmith

    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    They look pretty nice.
  11. HannahSmith

    Thomas' VX/Ace Resources

    Your work looks really good, even though you are just starting out.

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