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    ATT_Turan: I told you how to call your common event during the skill, which should be one solution to your problem. Thank you for sharing this information with me it was very helpful, very difficult information!
  3. littleBoyxd


    Hello everyone, how can I use this? I want to change the animations of the enemies in the game, but can I do this with photos? And can I change the skills in the middle of the war? for example: the enemy casts sleep options can change to try to wake up and continue sleeping. And when I wake...
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    This thing only exists in battle engine core so the title is like this and why are you jumping when you don't know anything about these things? You don't know why you still want to SS make attack animation using photos? Even if I upload them here, you won't be able to help me because it's not...
  5. littleBoyxd


    Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a skill with pictures but when I set it as a common event and add it to the skill, first start the skill animation, then my picture animation. I see this in some games, the pictures are attacking by moving. How can I set this?
  6. littleBoyxd

    Play Movie...(Bug)

    I add both of them with the option play movie, I add one inside the house and the other outside
  7. littleBoyxd

    Play Movie...(Bug)

    Problem with MV's video player? The first video works fine, but when I add the second video anywhere in the game, that sometimes freezes. Is there a size or time limit? :kaodes:
  8. littleBoyxd

    Blocking roofs

    How can I get behind the roofs? Some of the tiles are not set in the tiles. It can be done with the region? Do I need a plugin?
  9. littleBoyxd

    Yanfly Action Sequence - Frame Selection/Control?

    I need help, I want to use it on the map not as a battle system
  10. littleBoyxd


    Thank you very much!
  11. littleBoyxd


    How can I change this gold icon? Is there any alternative hud maker?
  12. littleBoyxd

    RMMV Animated Dialogue

    Hi guys, how can I set the animated picture as a loop until the conversation ends when I have a dialogue with someone in the game? '' Galv's picture animation '' is working but I couldn't figure it out completely. Is there anyone who can help me with a screenshot with an example? If I start a...
  13. littleBoyxd

    RMMV Animated battle

    using my own pictures, when the kick skill is used, the picture of my kicking character will appear. And i need struggle system using the arrow keys with the right timing to evade when caught by the enemy I know that system is in vx ace, there is no mv either, I guess
  14. littleBoyxd

    RMMV Animated battle

    Hello everyone i want to make an animated battle system with rpg maker mv but i couldn't find it. I want to use pictures while making animation idle and fighting techniques. What should i do to use a better battle system ? :kaoback:
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  16. littleBoyxd

    can i put the sfx i want in my own rpg game that i earn money ?

    if i record female laugh from any youtube video or movie as sfx can i use it ? or how can i create my own sfx's ? :rolleyes:

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