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  1. andai

    TileD Plugin (Version 1.3.0+ Released) This is the website. The download link is near the top.
  2. andai

    GALV Messages

    To make the message box appear in front of the bust, you'll need to adjust the Bust Priority setting inside the General Settings for the plugin. If set to 0, the message window will appear in front of the bust. For your second question, actor's ID will not change regardless of the map they...
  3. andai

    Sorry to hear about this. It's truly devastating to have all your hardwork go down the drain...

    Sorry to hear about this. It's truly devastating to have all your hardwork go down the drain, which is why I think you should find a way to reignite the project! Best of luck, friend! If you want some work, let me know. Our project has need for someone of your extraordinary talent. =)
  4. andai

    Restricting use of skills due to equipped items?

    As of right now, I am unable to find a way to utilize armor type, due to rpg.object,js lacking the isequipped for armors. For Weapons, this would be something you would use. <Custom Requirement> if (a.isWtypeEquipped(1)) { value = true; } else { value = false; } </Custom...
  5. andai

    Restricting use of skills due to equipped items? I believe Yanfly's skill core may be able to achieve that, though I've not personally tried it myself yet. That being said, you will need to setup the skill note tag for that to happen.  It's under Lunatic Mode - Custom Requirements and...
  6. andai

    Level-adjusted flat damage?

    It could be 50 * (a.level / b.level) Though I didn't test it myself, I do know Yanfly's enemy level provides that script call.
  7. andai

    How to make a map appear darker

    Use the tint screen function in Event commands.
  8. andai

    Turning off the smoothing in MV

    Make sure to set the parameters to false. Originally, it didn't work for me also. I did a clean install of MV, and replaced the js files of the project with that of the newly updated ones, and it worked for me.
  9. andai

    Turning off the smoothing in MV

    Archeia posted a link here that fixed that for me. Hopefully it will work for you as well!
  10. andai

    Show enemy stats info? There is a copy/paste action sequence on that page for that.
  11. andai

    Can I make an event occur with set chance?

    I think the example within the spoiler will be able to do what you want, at least for the first example. Let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the steps.
  12. andai

    Multi Hit Weapons? This plugin by Yanfly offers the ability to notetag weapons with skills to replace the default attack command when equipped.
  13. andai

    Question about Formation Yanfly's Party System has the function of allowing to lock individual actors in the active party.
  14. andai

    Event to change map name display?

    Not sure if this will help, but I think this plugin might be able to do what you're looking for.
  15. andai

    I Want to Make a 'Check Enemy' Skill

    I don't know about the whole messaging thing, but I can help you with the enemy id part of the question. You want to use b._enemyId and below is an example of a skill that would do 5 damage to enemy that has the id of 7, and 10 damage to everyone else. (b._enemyId == 7)? 5 : 10
  16. andai

    Yanfly's Subclass plugin- minor question about armor.

    A knight + Bard? Songblade? Warchanter? Dragonsong Knights? Armored Elvis Presley? While we can give you suggestions on the mechanics of your game, no one knows the intricacy of how they all tie together better than yourself. However, what you can do is split up the armor types. The knights...
  17. andai

    Issue with Action Sequence

    Try adding wait for movement or wait: 5 right after the move user: target, front base, 5. 
  18. andai

    What is your weakness in games?

    Grinding. I fall asleep if I have to do repetitive tasks in game... Zzzzz
  19. andai

    Adding Skill Types during gameplay

    This particular plugin will give you the ability to change traits during gameplay, the condition of which will be specified by you. If you want it to unlock the skill type when the character has learned the skill, one primitive way of accomplishing this would be to create a parallel common...
  20. andai

    How do I make the text box transparent?

    Hm, is the message background a background image brought in by something like Galv's Message Background? I am not entirely sure what it is you want to do. Do you want to get rid of that square in the middle of the text box?

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