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  1. Design Mistakes You Can't Stop Making

    Overambitious, this is why the project doesn't even on the playable demo stage. I want to add this and that over the time. Also, grammar or writing in general, especially because English is not my main language. I always irritated quickly on cringe writing I found in RPG I'm currently playing...
  2. Totally different gameplay fused into 1 game

    Evoland literally did this concept, using core mechanic of each genre to be a stage / dungeon in the game.
  3. How many enemies per dungeon is a good number

    Like others said, it depends, but let's say in generic RPG random encounter context, I would like to have it as less as possible. at least most classic RPG that I know of, acquire backlash on how horrible their encounter count was in the dungeon / world map. I would say at best, each one for...
  4. So, uh, what's this RPG Maker Unite thing?

    Looking at the tabs in the first devlog already intrigued me. Always feel intimidated by RPG Maker's UI as your project grow, and being menu-driven makes switch management a hell in RPG Maker. (yes, I know I'm suck) Somewhat curious as to what RPG Maker's default system will bring to Unite (and...
  5. Favorite ways to learn skills when playing an RPG?

    I like something like FF IX that you gain skills from an alternative level up system or through equip/story/unlock kind. Not really fan of skill tree from main level up, as it usually just gave me 1 skill point per level / SP cost system that sometimes you can't learn late game skills from the...
  6. Ideas for making an incentive to switch out party members during battle

    I Kinda like Mana Khemia approach. there is a bar that gradually filled up (per character in the backrow), and when the bar is full, you can swap party member + their unique follow-up (AoE attack, Heal, etc.). this incentive us to keep swapping party member. also the swap + follow-up happen...
  7. So, uh, what's this RPG Maker Unite thing?

    I haven't touched rpg maker in a long time, until finally I saw an ads for rpg maker unite on steam, I was like "didn't MZ just released?". I double checked the description and it actually mentions the rpg maker, and also the same developer tag as the other makers. always had a love and hate...
  8. RMMV Skill Trees Pulling from 1 Skill Pool?

    Wait, I can't really imagine the difference with standard class system? isn't this standard "Healer" "Fighter" "Tanker" etc. tree that branch to it's own specialization?
  9. Non-interactible NPCs

    I like that approach, it would limit my “spam action button on everyone”, also it's acceptable if some NPC just doesn't want to talk to some stranger, rather than forcing “it's a nice weather” dialogue. Also, it means that the interactable NPC should have more meaningful interaction when...
  10. RPG Maker Games: The Stigma, And How To Avoid It

    I think the issue is because RPG Maker is too solid for a bare-bones RPG, like you can create a new project, draw some map, put some events and voilà, it's technically a working game (that might take months in other engine), but the hardest part is after that. Everyone can make a functional...
  11. What could be good ideas to make RPG Maker games' gameplay a more pleasant experience to the player?

    As someone who is tinkering RPG MAKER since 2000, biggest point I would give to RPG Maker games are the one that (unironically) looks not like a RPG MAKER games, especially removing all the overhead in the base RPG MAKER combat if you want to use it. (like extra layer of Fight/Run, clunky skill...
  12. Limited Ability Slots vs All Known Abilities?

    I think they "kinda" fixed it in Persona 5 Strikers, so while you have 8 slots for skills, skills you don't use actually still remembered, it just can't be used if it's not equipped.
  13. Rpg story cliches you hate?

    Obviously slapping demi-god being by the final chapter, Persona 5 would have been so good if . I think majority of RPG (especially JRPG) have done this kind of move.
  14. Balancing Dual Wield

    Just set DW rewards comparable to what it lost for not using DW. ie. you could use sword + shield to get 10 attack and 5 defense. on DW technically you will get 15 attack. It's kinda raw but IMO better than DW = straight up double power, it makes DW too rewarding to be missed / makes other...
  15. Random Encounter Schemes/"Systems"

    Option C looks good on theory but if implemented poorly, it becomes worst tag-game. The thing about option C is that it populate the map, and make me actively "dodge" them, and some games implement "Ambush" if the sprite touch you from behind (which is often happen if you are in a dodge mode")...
  16. Ways to get monster parts - ideas?

    Crafting tend to be ignored if it's too complicated and tedious. As mentioned above, classic MMO crafting concept can't be slapped into single RPG without adjustment. some of the "crafting" games that I find "passable" Atelier / Mana Series:Basically all crafting items are found in the map...
  17. What do you think about boss positioning?

    Placing the boss after the danger warning seems one that really makes sense too me, or end of dungeon, but it doesn't always to be dungeon, more of end of chapter / arc. ie. you can have whole chapter in a town, and your party member scram in town doing events and cutscenes and at the end of...
  18. Damage formulae and alternative stats

    It's cool on paper but technically it's "one stats that does all" in practice. I might need to see it in action to determine if it's actually good or not. the new buzzword like Confidence and Debate tend to be ignored, except if the whole game mechanic pushes those stats to be mandatory
  19. RPG Maker MZ Preview #1: Music, Battles, Animations!

    Whole UI is much more cleaner than MV, it might still too boring for some, but for me it's an improvement. Music is much better than MV RTP. I still prefer some of trinity OST though (might be included in the full release) SFX (slash etc.) is meh.mostly we get the same SFX like the past rpg...
  20. Your Next Adventure Awaits: RPG Maker MZ Trailer #1

    theme6 is mostly unchanged in some hobby games, and they didn't turn down the volume + theme6 has this peak energy at the start which gives you heart attack every time you play (yes, I love to try random demo/hobbyist/first project kind of game). SFX that I really hate is the cursor/confirm...

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