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  1. poorrabbit

    RMMZ Need Help with VisuStella's Furniture System Plugin for RMMZ

    I went to the download page, and noted that there's a new version of the furniture plugin. It works now. Woot!
  2. poorrabbit

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Yeah, a bug report might be needed. The issue here is that Battle Equip SKills fundamentally changes the way the battle command window gets built. I'll try the JS to see if it works, though share your doubts. And yeah, the plugins are ALL up to date and in the correct order.
  3. poorrabbit

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    So, I'm using the new Equip Battle Skills plugin, and I'd like some skills to ONLY be passive. From a function standpoint, that's easy. But I would like it if there's a way to make these passive skills NOT show up in the battle menu. I've tried using "<Hide in Battle>" from Skills and States...
  4. poorrabbit

    RMMZ Need Help with VisuStella's Furniture System Plugin for RMMZ

    I am also having this problem. On a year old project. A year ago, when I last touched this, it worked. Now it's doing the same thing as described above - can place the furniture, but can't see it before placement. I see that the furniture plugin has not had an update since I last used it, but...
  5. poorrabbit

    What was the first RPG you ever played, and what was the oldest?

    First: Probably Ultima III Old: Probably Ultima I
  6. poorrabbit

    A rpg game with no Revive items.

    There needs to be a reason for permadeath. Other than just being "hard". If you do it, then every single other mechanic and element of the game must be designed with that in mind. You have a story? How does it play out if party members 2,3, and 5 die? How can the player compensate for the...
  7. poorrabbit

    Feelings towards QTE skills

    Hate them. One in particular comes to mind: Stardew Valley Fishing. Yeah, it's innovative and, conceptually, far better than clicking "fish" and then clicking when the fish is ready to be caught. In reality, I just can't do it. So I won't. And I want those fish. It's the reason I don't play...
  8. poorrabbit

    What makes turn based battle system fun?

    I've been playing a lot of Kemco games lately. Most of their games look like they were done in rpgmaker. Hard to if they are or not since they have so many odd systems and unique interface elements...anyway... Some of them are quite good. Some of them are, frankly, terrible. And battle makes...
  9. poorrabbit

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Looking at the docs, it might be possible, but it will be a pain in the butt. You can use VS battle core to run a "post battle" common event. In that event you could make note of the BP value for each party member and then stick it in a variable for each actor. could use the chain...
  10. poorrabbit

    I only have RPG Maker VX Ace at the moment but am thinking of getting either RPG Maker MV or MZ. I only have money for one of these versions.

    MZ. Hands down. It's on sale on steam right now. Not a very deep sale, but still on sale. While the plugin library for MV is still a bit larger, MZ is catching up. Also, the quality of life changes made in MZ are significant. Proper layer handling. Menu driven plugin commands. Better...
  11. poorrabbit

    In what order do you build your games?

    Going to have to go ahead and disagree with you there. Stories are, for me, the haaardddest part. So hard. Mechanics are easy peasy. Maybe even lemon squeezy. Obviously, that varies from person to person :)
  12. poorrabbit

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Since you're using visustella, you might look at their "javascript snippets" or quick functions. They're in the Core...down near the bottom, I think. They're basically js functions that can be used globally. There are a few random type functions. The one I use a lot of is "randomfrom" which...
  13. poorrabbit

    In what order do you build your games?

    I used to start with the story. The last game I started and failed to finish had a grand universe spanning story (which I may still finish at some point), and so every map and every thing I did was in service to getting the story told. This time around...not so much. Current project doesn't...
  14. poorrabbit

    How to move data between VS sample projects?

    Technically, the plugins.js file has all the settings, but if the whole point is to grab the new VS updates, that seems....unwise. You can do the same with the plugins settings as with anything else - copy from one to the other. The difficulty is remembering "just what the heck did I change?"
  15. poorrabbit

    How to move data between VS sample projects?

    you can actually open up both projects in MZ at the same time. Open each project by opening it from the game file. Voila, two instance of MZ running. Maps can be copy pasted from one to the other. As can pretty much anything else.
  16. poorrabbit

    How to set a fixed starting point regardless of where I left off at/Saved?

    You would probably want a plugin for that. There are some plugins that will run a common event on Game Load. You could then make a common event that transfers the player to the right location on game load. VisuStella's free Core Engine plugin will do that (among MANY other things, so be...
  17. poorrabbit

    RMMZ Help how to use js parameter plugin

    If you're using Visustella's Item's and Equips core, you don't need to us JS. You can just use a notetag, like so: <ATK: +x> Where "x" is the parameter value. And looking at the docs, your JS is actually correct for Items and Equip core: <JS Parameters> ATK = 555; </JS Parameters> That should...
  18. poorrabbit

    RMMV Baldur's Gate esque combat system?

    oh whoops. Should I remove the reference in my post?
  19. poorrabbit

    RMMV Baldur's Gate esque combat system?

    Nobody here is trying to stop you from making a game, or even discourage you. They're just trying to give it to you straight. I happen to have played Baldur's Gate and the OwlCat games. Gonna be honest with you - in RPGMaker - not going to happen. RPGMaker is, by it's very nature a turn...
  20. poorrabbit

    How could I create a land bridge/overpass in RPG Maker MZ?

    I was going to suggest OCRam's passages, but he beat me to it. I use it often. It can also be used to make secret hidden passage ways :)

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