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  1. RMMV Zelda Like HP bar help

    I have a plugin QABS. here`s a list of plugins
  2. RMMV Zelda Like HP bar help

    Hi. I just wanted to add on my game something like hearts health bar, like in Zelda. And also this system would be on enemies. Example Can you guys ask me how I can realize it in my Action RPG game?
  3. RMMV Sprite Graphics error

    UPDATE! The problem has solved. I`ve changed some of inside of QPlugin programm and put in the player this one
  4. RMMV Sprite Graphics error

    So, I wasn`t using any type of plugins for more frames, as it was working before. I`ve decided to change the config from % to Q_ the name of the sprite file: Q_Hero-Player In below I showed the plugins I`m using and the config.
  5. RMMV Sprite Graphics error

    I can`t find the reason of that error. Please help
  6. QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Please Help me with QSprite! I cannot understand what I`m doing wrong
  7. RMMV Qsprite and Parralax help

    Qsprite doesn`t work even if I made everything correctly. Please help.
  8. RMMV QABS movement problem

    I was just working with regions and that`s all.
  9. QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    I have problem with QSprite
  10. RMMV QSprite problem + Parralax problem

    I cannot undertsand why QSprite is working uncorrectly. Everything was working before but now not.
  11. RMMV QABS movement problem

    I've solved the problem. But I cannot understand the problem with parallax mapping problem
  12. RMMV QABS movement problem

    I can turn character and open menu, but I cannot move around
  13. RMMV QABS movement problem

    I cannot move my character to any ways and cannot interact with anything.
  14. RMMV QABS script error

    CANCEL. I`ve solved that problem
  15. RMMV QABS script error

    I have no idea why the error is here. When I was trying to use my Sprite in Demo project there's still that problem
  16. RMMV QABS errors

    But I still cannot understand what`s the problem as I want to make character move in diagonal and without spites of diagonal move Idle pose is in 1 frame
  17. RMMV QABS errors

    I cannot find out what`s my problem abs
  18. RMMV QABS QSprite and Attack problem

    Attack button doesn`t work. Also game has showed up the sprite sheet not correctly

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