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  1. SoSick.

    JK Mail System

    Hey there! now starting to implement this plugin into my project! love how it looks with the mogbackground, although my cursor isn't showing at all in the mail box scene anymore, im having some trouble with making the mails in notepad++ below is how you say it should be set up...but i get...
  2. SoSick.

    VE - Command Replace

    How's your skill set up? perhaps that's where you could be going wrong? may need the <direct skill: X, learned> inserted somewhere? I have some dev time tomorrow! i'll have a go at the HP<>MP materia and let you know how i get on too.
  3. SoSick.

    VE - Command Replace

    @J-G i would also be interested in how neo has set it up, i remember trying to do this last year..and failed xD
  4. SoSick.

    Yanfly ATB - Remove Charge Phase

    Change the Invocation speed to 2000, worked for me :)
  5. SoSick.

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    @Nicke man, love all your maps bro! makes me want do some dark forest dungeons myself! Best start running when these guys start coming at you! Part of a scene in my intro.
  6. SoSick.

    VE Arrow Cursor

    Hey all! hope someone can help me out, this will complete all my battle HUD's and Main Menu's visual's. Victors Arrow Cursor plugin allows you to assign different cursor image's to each scene in rpg maker mv, e.g the menu scene, item scene, battle commands, battle skill's etc..only hiccup is...
  7. SoSick.

    RMMV Naima's Melody - A Zeldalike Action Adventure Game (DEMO!)

    Really great stuff bro, enjoyed watching driftys LP! Would love to know how you done the calling the horse to ride..would love to do the same for a chocobo in my project. :)
  8. SoSick.

    MOG Battle HUD to Show Olivia Boost Points

    Hey! :) first thanks for even checking out my request! my project is so close to having a demo released, just this tiny little fix i need! well i hope it's tiny lol. Olivia's boost plugin add's a mechanic that allows actors and enemies to temporarily power themselves up for the current turn...
  9. SoSick.

    JK Mail System

    @Pirobi thankyou so much for this plugin! didnt know i needed this until this morning lol would love also to be able to add a custom background image if possible in the future! :D ( also use mog background plugin )
  10. SoSick.

    Window Battle Log (like FF) for Yep Battle Core & YEP ATB.

    Hey moghunter has a plugin which allows you to create your own image to use. You could just create the bar :) I use this also with Yanfly plugins and no problems.
  11. SoSick.

    Multicast v1.2.3 (2021-09-19)

    man, i use alot of plugin's...victor's, mog hunters and on top of that all of yanfly's. i dont expect and want you to go out of all your way to try and make a fix just for me lol but thankyou though, ill try it again soon. also using 1.6.2?
  12. SoSick.

    Multicast v1.2.3 (2021-09-19)

    Hey man great plugin, been getting this effect via state's but i like how you can select different skill's at once. unfortunately it's not compatible with some of the plugins i use. No error's, nothing in console...i can select my dual cast skill and then go on to select x amount of skill's but...
  13. SoSick.

    Yanfly Row Formations Positioning Help RMMV

    Hey :) Im currently trying to implement Yanfly's Row's plugin into my project (MV 1.6.2 ), as i am trying to achieve the Final Fantasy VII Row system - 2 row's, one front and the other Back. Im trying to get them positioned side by side vertically ( like normal MV side view ) with front row...
  14. SoSick.

    Yanfly's Doodads issue

    Maybe instead of using it as an event, turn it into a doodads :) and select the layer you want it to be on.
  15. SoSick.

    Just wow! I thought your stuff before was amazing but this is something else! I like...a lot! :3...

    Just wow! I thought your stuff before was amazing but this is something else! I like...a lot! :3 will you ever release this too? You gonna add party members too?
  16. SoSick.

    This is your own ABS Amarok? :D

    This is your own ABS Amarok? :D
  17. SoSick.

    Pixi Filter Controller - fancy screen effects by pixi (MZ version released!)

    hey there! this plugins looks cool, never messed about with PIXI etc. Is it possible to make a filter with a slight blur at the top ? very nooby question. sorry :barf:
  18. SoSick.

    RMMV Final Fantasy VII - Rise of Shinra

    @EthanFox thats really nice of you man, thanks will be sure to check it out! @Guld thanks pal :) glad it’s giving off the FF7 vibes! Still hoping for a demo early next month to go with more FF7 remake news.
  19. SoSick.

    RMMV Final Fantasy VII - Rise of Shinra

    Hi! Thanks for following my project @Aevenor I apologise for all of the delay’s! I have never stopped working on this project.. it’s coming along very nicely! I’ll upload some new YouTube videos for you soon! To show off some things..demo, aiming for end of may- June time! :)
  20. SoSick.

    Performance issue with HIME_ParameterTables plugin.

    I also have this plugin in my project..yet to set it up but will do today at some point and let you know if I get same problem :) what version of MV are you using?

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