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  1. RePeat

    For some reason, male faces no longer display

    Here's a tutorial I found on the forums somewhen, somewhere. Really complicated stuff. Honestly, unless you create a lot of characters with the generator it's probably easier to just edit existing characters directly.
  2. RePeat

    RMMV Yanfly Victory Aftermath TypeError

    Thank you for your help, first of all. I looked at the plugin list and re-arranged the things and now it seems to work just fine. I had the Aftermath plugin before BattleCore originally, so I guess that was the issue.
  3. RePeat

    RMMV Yanfly Victory Aftermath TypeError

    Whenever I use the plugin I get this, doesn't matter if it's in a test battle or in-game. I know nothing about programming, so can anyone here kindly tell me what to do?
  4. RePeat

    China stole my free to play game

    Threads like this are not helping my anger issues. Good for you that you can be chill about it but it sucks to see stuff getting stolen. I always wonder if people doing that and running sites/apps like that can really look themselves in the mirror but I'm not sure if I want an answer.
  5. RePeat

    How to transition from one scene to the next?

    It's alright. I did try to google but couldn't find anything and the tutorial only says "just use Change Scene bro".
  6. RePeat

    How to transition from one scene to the next?

    Well that's the first scene. There are no characters at all, not anything really except a bit of text. I want to have a bit of narration or an opening quote or something along the lines like the Uncharted games.
  7. RePeat

    How to transition from one scene to the next?

    Literally can not figure it out. I have two chapters, Intro and Chapter 1, with each having exactly one scene. Scene 1 only consists of Text Settings, Show Text, Erase Text and Change Scene. This scene is set as Start Scene. Scene 2 is the sample scene that comes with making a new game. Now...
  8. RePeat

    Can't set up equipment change event

    In an event I'm working on I want a character to receive a ne shield and immediately equip it automatically. While I can give the player the shield I can't force equip it on the character I want it to wear. In the database I gave the character the ability to wear shields and I can select the...
  9. RePeat

    Item/MP Hoarding Prevention

    I wouldn't say I "consciously" took measurements, though now that I think about it one of the first things I did was make guard regenerate a bit of MP because I thought it would be fun. As far as items go I don't care. They're there to speed things up but not at all necessary so the player can...
  10. RePeat

    Character won't move through common event?

    In my case this works best, as the walking NPCs is more of a background thing and while that happens the dialogue is still going on that I put in the common event.
  11. RePeat

    Character won't move through common event?

    Thanks, guys. Good to know you are just not supposed to do that after all. I was wondering and wondering where things went wrong. I ended up replacing the move command with a switch that activates a parallel event on the new map.
  12. RePeat

    Character won't move through common event?

    I made a one-use key item for a specific point in my story that teleports the player to a new location through a common event. In the same common event there's a scene, where there are multiple people talking. During the conversation one of the NPCs is supposed to walk away but that ain't...
  13. RePeat

    Complete newbie here - "relationship" system?

    The easiest way would be to use text, choices and variables. Something like: Text: Character A: Hey, everything all right? Show choices: Yes, No If Yes: Text: Character B: Yeah, I'm good. Text: Character A: That's nice to hear. Control variable:#0001 Bond with A +=1 Now everytime the player...
  14. RePeat

    Magic doesn't do damage on MC?

    In a story battle I put an event that forces the opponent to use a magic attack on the player. While it isn't necessary that the player dies it does look silly when a special attack has no effect... Both fighters use lightning magic, does that mean they can't damage each other at all using...
  15. RePeat

    Remove event command doesn't work?

    I made an event that uses "jump to label" until a condition is met (variable changes each turn). Now the plan was that once the condition is met, dialogue appears and the event ends. While I do get the dialogue for some reason the event doesn't end. I don't know the exact name of it but there's...
  16. RePeat

    How to use Timers?

    Ah, makes sense. Well I did not have that in mind... Same. I guess that would be one way to do it and I'll keep that in mind, but no, I would want the player to be able to move. I got myself a headache here and all I wanted to do was a practical joke. There's a misc quest in my game where you...
  17. RePeat

    How to use Timers?

    What I want is a timer going down after dialogue where one of the characters leaves at the end and when the timer reaches 0, said character re-appears. It's all in the same event, so: -we got the dialogue -NPC leaving (he walks out of bounds and becomes transparent) -Control timer, start, 6...
  18. RePeat

    Self-switched event won't go away?

    That was the problem indeed. I was hoping I could avoid using another named switch cause I already got so many lol but oh well...
  19. RePeat

    Self-switched event won't go away?

    I'm trying to implement a recurring mini-boss in an area who you can fight over and over again with the only cooldown being a map refresh. So the main switch, a titled one, is activated by a story event. When you're first in the area the battle is good to go. Now when you beat the boss a...
  20. RePeat

    Overworld Skill use

    Exactly this. It won't get any easier than that. Edit the skill so that as a effect it calls for a common event. Then simply put a "switch: ON" command in the common event.

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