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  1. Need help fixing Quack's chatter messages

    I installed the script that you pointed at; upon encountering the issue I got the following result: "Chatter" refers to the Addon script that is pointed at in the error; "YEA" is Yami's Message system (not the popup message script, another one that acts as a base, that I refered in my initial...
  2. Need help fixing Quack's chatter messages

    Mithran's GOG is actually the one script I have installed. I also have the console running aside from the game, upon crash I just get [] in it. What should I do, is it due to the script not being made for this type of error?
  3. Need help fixing Quack's chatter messages

    Hi Roninator, tl:dr: I didn't fix it but found a workaround. Sorry for the delay. I tried to implement a debug but the console would never show anything upon crash; Maybe I should write something in the console? I have been reading about the error message and its potential causes; here is my...
  4. Need help fixing Quack's chatter messages

    I've been searching all forums and looking into scripting myself, to no avail. Because I need speechbubbles to display above events while my hero can still move, I installed Quack's chatter message script and Yami's pop Message script; I also installed other scripts to get it working properly as...
  5. Bug with Chatter Message Script

    I just tried again, with the player approaching and action-triggering as you suggested. I reused the same map, but these is no parallel process on it, just that one event I added. The issue still appears: I also tested on other maps, it appears also with normal message background. Please...
  6. Bug with Chatter Message Script

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. Here is a larger screenshot: The hero is transferred to a different map, called C3. I tried also on other maps without the transfer of the hero, and the same issue happened there. But it is good to know, that once the player leaves, the event is erased. I'll...
  7. Bug with Chatter Message Script

    Additionally, please find below 2 screenshots: 1/ The message once all letters are written, before closing manually the message 2/ I managed to catch the short moment where the message displays at the bottom before fully disappearing:
  8. Bug with Chatter Message Script

    Hi Andar, Thank you for your attention. Please find below a screenshot of my event (it's in the cutscene) It's in french; I start with displaying a message, no portrait/transparent background / middle of screen, Then I teleport my hero to the map + local switch activated to end the event...
  9. Bug with Chatter Message Script

    Hi everyone, I am currently facing a (small but annoying) issue with a script I've been using, Quack's chatter messages. The script is available on this link: Quack Chatter Messages script The problem is as follows: - I create an event, showing a normal message, I decide to show it in the...
  10. Script to check player is facing event next to him

    Hi everyone, tl:dr to moderation, this thread can be closed :) Hi Heirukichi, Ah! I am fairly new to Ruby, glad to see the origin of the issue was that simple. Thank you for the info and the code, it works now perfectly well! Hi AkiraKotatsuhime, Thank you for the detailed answer, (as stated...
  11. Script to check player is facing event next to him

    Hi everyone, I try to track if the player is facing an event right next to him, in which case I activate a switch. I managed to do that with a complicated condition tree, however I wanted to try an easier way as I'll use it all over my game. So I tried with a script: p = $game_player; e =...

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