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  1. KPanda

    letter spacing

    Hey there, Are you talking about the "kerning" as in, the space between letters? I don't think you can actually change that because those settings are imbedded in the font.
  2. KPanda

    Edit the diamond at the end of messages

    THANK YOU!!!! How did I miss this xD
  3. KPanda

    Edit the diamond at the end of messages

    Is it possible to change the diamond at the end of messages? I want to change it to a blinking cursor, or some other, smaller image.
  4. KPanda

    Is it possible to collapse code?

    Are you talking about the arrows like I circled here? That only collapses one piece. I'm talking about like how you can collapse code in Visual Studios, as seen in the other image. I'm also referring to within the scene editor, not the script editor. This is a good work around for what I'm...
  5. KPanda

    Is it possible to collapse code?

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way to collapse or organize my code. It's starting to get out of hand, and I'm barely beginning my new project.
  6. KPanda

    Help with "Display a red square on screen" (Scripting tutorial) [SOLVED]

    Hi again. I think you're right, and it was something with my indents. I got tired of looking through my code, so I retyped everything, and it it worked. Thank you!
  7. KPanda

    Help with "Display a red square on screen" (Scripting tutorial) [SOLVED]

    Hello. I the Setup a Test Bed tutorial at the beginning of the Scripter's Guide tutorial ( for input ) I followed the instructions up through "Display a red square on screen " However, I can not get the red...
  8. KPanda

    How to pause message moving at the end of a line.

    Does your show message block say "wait" as in this attached pic? Post a screenshot if you're still having trouble.
  9. KPanda

    Oh hi forsome reason i cant change scene thingies

    It sounds like you didn't set up labels, or you used change scene as mentioned above. It's impossible to tell without seeing a screenshot.
  10. KPanda

    Change Transition Appearing Upside-Down

    Hi there! I just threw something together in a new project, and I didn't have the same results. Can you attach a screenshot of your Change Background function? Just to see if there's any odd settings that might rotate the transition mask or something. Also, does the original masking image...
  11. KPanda

    Otome Sparkles

    I just solved part of my problem! After I dug in the actual game engine file folders, I found the file and also found that Sparkles is named differently from the other movies (maybe its not being imported properly?). I copied it to my desktop, renamed it in the same format of the others, and...
  12. KPanda

    Otome Sparkles

    Hello, I was doing some tutorials when I came across this section of the manual. It mentions there being a movie file called "Sparkles." However, I can't seem to find it with the other movie files. Was this taken out? Am I supposed to download this from a separate location? On the same note...

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