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  1. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Contacting Olivia

    Sounds about right for this community..."just because I charged you money for something doesn't mean I'll make sure it works". Obviously I made a new project, only used those plugins, etc...the issue is that the plugin appears to randomly fail to create a battle order, so it crashes the game...
  2. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Contacting Olivia

    The "rules" specifically state: 2. This is NOT a tech support server. If you have problems with the software, plugins/scripts, assets, etc. this is not the place to do it. While there are RPG Maker devs, plugin makers, scripters, artists, and musicians here, do not use this server to bother...
  3. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Contacting Olivia

    Random and a long shot I know, but does anyone know of a way to contact Olivia (AKA Fallen Angel Olivia)? Bought (with money) some of her plugins for my MV project and they basically wiped out two weeks worth of work on VoltAge:Genesis...even after deleting the offending plugins I can no longer...
  4. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Using low values for stats (HP, MP, ATTACK, DEFENSE,...)

    We've actually thought about using D&D type stat growth for a future "mini project"; have you considered looking at something like that? The stats would stay almost static for the entire game (unless you equip specific gear), so HP and armor/weapons would be the primary means of character growth...
  5. Golden Fish Entertainment

    VoltAge: Genesis

    VoltAge:Genesis ver.1 is out now! Available for $1 US; supporters on ******* (see link in the signature) will receive a download code for the game. "Journeys begin and end; the story does not." -Old...
  6. Golden Fish Entertainment

    VoltAge: Genesis is just a few days away...!

    VoltAge: Genesis is just a few days away...!
  7. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Tag Manager

    Sorry..."script", not "plugin" I remembered that Hime had made the script available for VXAce, but I didn't know if it had been standardized for MV...figured this would be the most likely place to get a response :/ As always, I appreciate your patience with my poor post placement, and I thank...
  8. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Tag Manager

    Can this plugin work without issues in RPG Maker MV? I had thought I read that this functionality was part of the base program now, but I can't find anything that says so now...I may just be crazy ;P
  9. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Question Re: Music from Different Engines

    Can music from one RPGMaker product be used in a different one, if licenses were purchased for both games? Basically, we paid for VXAce, now we are using MV, but there is music and SFX in Ace that we would like to use in our existing project. Since licenses were bought for both games, are we...
  10. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Custom Monsters for Current Project

    There are a LOT of monsters in the "medium" category, so I'm gonna have to do these a few at a time lol (actual size in game) Aemit (Boss)Azazel (Boss)ButtleBot v1.23 Deadhander Deisol Goni
  11. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Trouble w/ "Element Set" plugin

    Yeah it didn't make a difference...I'm sure it's something really inconsequential like using [x] instead of <x>, but since the guy who wrote it can't be bothered to weigh in I may never know...
  12. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Silent Protagonist?

    While silent protagonists definitely have a role, I don't personally think there's anything wrong with giving a protagonist a distinct personality and still allowing them to have choices presented via dialogue and's just a matter of making sure all the options "sound" like something...
  13. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Custom Monsters for Current Project

    And here are some more (again, all enemies appear as actual size). Barrel Sludge EchinoidExperiment 452 Giant BatLumva Beetle Sentry Drone SludgeThornheel Lizard Zanghera
  14. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Custom Monsters for Current Project

    Decided that we should post the custom battlers we have come up with for our game thus far. Helpful feedback would be appreciated (hateful flamespamming will not), but really I think the main goal is just to let people see what we have been working on...will update periodically, as we have quite...
  15. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Trouble w/ "Element Set" plugin

    On July 25th 2017 I sent a message which read: I hate to be bugging you, but I have been having a hard time with this plugin and I was hoping I could maybe get some insight from the master himself...if you could let me know what I am doing wrong here I would be eternally grateful :D...
  16. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Trouble w/ "Element Set" plugin

    The point being, it seemed as though there was some sort of effort being made to identify the issue, and when I shared what I had done to get where I was the issue was not followed up on. I got confused and thought one of the main purposes of the forum was to facilitate people in using a...
  17. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Trouble w/ "Element Set" plugin

    Still pretty sure that this isn't working as advertised, even went so far as to set up a skill which would "have" to do 750 damage exactly if the program was working correctly. Seems kind of ****ty to just default to "you must be wrong" and then ignore the fact that you have someone peddling a...
  18. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Trouble w/ "Element Set" plugin

    Since this plugin is apparently no longer supported and the creator can't be bothered to respond, can anyone possibly direct me to an alternate means of making weapons and/or skills that deal more than one type of elemental damage? Thanks!
  19. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Trouble w/ "Element Set" plugin

    I used the "Average" the original setup I posted that should have meant that Ice+Fire would deal 125% damage right? (Fire 100% + Ice 150%)/(2)

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