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  1. Nagasari

    RMMV LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

    Nice update! But I still don't like the costume for each character. Good mapping tho.
  2. Nagasari

    RMMV LEGACY THREAD (Throne's early development)

    That art for the battler tho. Great work, bro. The quality is jaw dropping. I watched this.
  3. Nagasari

    RMMV LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

    Is the game going on hiatus?
  4. Nagasari

    RMMV DEMONIO 3 - The Three Visions

    The maps look nice, much rtp but that's not a bad thing. Just built my new pc, I rarely find problems such as the frame lag/input delay in rpg maker games and your video for this game doesn't show any lag issue like the avelon game. Well done.
  5. Nagasari

    RMMV The Roze Case

    the art is charming. the maps need more consistency tho. stuff like tables in the class look a bit off. :3 but other than that, the game seems fabulous and creative. I'm following this for sure.
  6. Nagasari

    Avelions - The Ancestors

    Both. I played through for the most part of game. reached the military area if I am not mistaken. I'm still keeping my eyes on this.
  7. Nagasari

    RMMV LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

    Knee and chest. well, that’s just my opinion.
  8. Nagasari

    RMMV LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

    Nice ui. the armor is weird at some parts imo but the game feature seems promising. I root for this one.
  9. Nagasari

    RMMV [DEMO] Selling Sunlight - Wandering Merchant RPG

    Love the character art and the watercolor painting for the background is so lovely! The story is unique, I've never seen something like that in RM. Keep it up. :)
  10. Nagasari

    Avelions - The Ancestors

    sorry but pls read my previous post carefully. it's not about the "PLOT",it's the way you write the message, conversation and such. too much details in a single message box which is confusing at some point. i'm using pc, 4gb, core i3, 1gb? vga.
  11. Nagasari

    Avelions - The Ancestors

    I rarely leave a comment, but I promised a feedback for you. I reached area 4/5 if not mistaken and stopped play this game. Here's some random thoughts : Menu, GUI, tilesets and such are pretty good, I like it. Also, I found that the first dungeon has a tone, well designed. But I don't like...
  12. Nagasari

    P.T. Silent Memories (Silent Hills) BETA RELEASED

    Recently, I'm playing two or three games with the dark tone for the maps, so I'll give it a try once the demo is out. Please do not canceled it like the original,^^
  13. Nagasari

    First Title: 'After Death'

    THis is it. I just love it at the first sight Keep up the great work!! ^^ Can't wait for the demo.
  14. Nagasari

    RMVXA Avelions 3 - Crimson Wars

    Can you provide a walkthrough? or PM me. I was stuck in the first map.
  15. Nagasari

    RMVXA Avelions 3 - Crimson Wars

    Nice, I'll give it a try. How long is the demo?
  16. Nagasari

    Good VS Evil: The Fateful Curse

    @RikifiveNo more update, eh? :3 tho i didn't beat this game it's hard but i'll keep trying. cheers
  17. Nagasari

    RMMV Demonio 4 - The Four Disasters

    Thank you. :3 bugs and errors v1.5 are fixed, right? I'll give it a shot tonight.
  18. Nagasari

    RMMV Demonio 4 - The Four Disasters

    could you create a walkthrough or maybe give me some tips? the last battles is kinda too hard, especially when I reach the bosses.**ps : the save point in the end of the war is error.pls fix it. tQ :3
  19. Nagasari

    Good VS Evil: The Fateful Curse

    it's okay. :3 I'm not in rush, and thanks for the guide, I'll give this another go maybe tmr, there are 2-3 games in my list. cheat? sometimes i get stressed from hard games, but that's another great way to have fun, so I would prefer not to ask it.hehe

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