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  1. Nyxx

    Same Coordinate Transportation

    Okay, so I can move the player around, and there is no tint in the pause menu. Here are a couple screenshots though: The first one is the event, the second one is the map i'm trying to teleport to. (The "X Coordinate" and "Y Coordinate" are variables 1 & 2, I just renamed them for simplicity)
  2. Nyxx

    Same Coordinate Transportation

    I have checked both of those and they are both valid IDs, and the correct ones as well...
  3. Nyxx

    Splash Screen Title Music

    is there a way I could have the title music start at the splash screen with the plugin “MadeWithMV” or possible any other plugin? I’m trying to not make everything appear so suddenly...
  4. Nyxx

    Same Coordinate Transportation

    So, when I press X, the transfer occurs, but I end up just in a black space... Anything I could possible be doing wrong here?
  5. Nyxx

    Same Coordinate Transportation

    Thank you so much! I will test this out real quick!
  6. Nyxx

    Same Coordinate Transportation

    So, I am trying to make a mechanic where if the player presses a button or triggers an event, he is able to see a more darker version of the world for a period of time. Sort of like the game "Fran Bow". So, for example, if the player presses "X", he gets transported to a different world but in...
  7. Nyxx

    NPC approach player when looked at

    Thanks! I'll check it out and report back here later.
  8. Nyxx

    NPC approach player when looked at

    Hello everybody, I am trying to develop a hitman-like game in RPG Maker. I've figured out most of the mechanics for the game, but I have no idea how to do this. Basically, I want to make it so if the NPC turns in the general direction of the player, and they are not behind an object, the NPC...
  9. Nyxx

    LeTBS Problem

    I'm getting the same error
  10. Nyxx

    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    Please help me; when I start the game, no errors. When I try to enter a battle the game stops with error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined at new Window_TBSCommand (LeTBS.js:9044) at Scene_Battle.createCommandWindow (LeTBS.js:1068) at...
  11. Nyxx

    Can you please do a tutorial on how to setup LeTBS!!!

    Can you please do a tutorial on how to setup LeTBS!!!

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