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  1. -Solace-

    YEP's Skill Learn System With MOG's Skill Scene?

    Hmmm... Bump. First and last one though; since these kinda threads are way too specific to receive any answers, I guess.
  2. -Solace-

    First RPG game you ever played

    Legend of Mana.
  3. -Solace-

    YEP's Skill Learn System With MOG's Skill Scene?

    I'm having trouble moving the skill data to MOG's skill menu plugin. I hope someone with better javascript skills can at least give me a tip to pull that off. Thank you so much in advance!
  4. -Solace-

    MOG's Monogatari Compatibility.

    Update: MOG's Monogatari plugins have ZERO compatibility issues with other plugins just like the rest of his plugins. All I had to do was delete all the visual elements (windows and scenes) from Yanfly's so they don't appear alongside MOG's menus. It's unbelievable how MOG charges nothing for...
  5. -Solace-

    MOG's Monogatari Compatibility.

    I've been using a lot of MOG's plugins and they have served me insanely well in customizing the GUIs and HUDs as an alternative for Luna's Engine. That thing cost me $60 and I can't get it to work properly without errors. Anyway, are MOG's Monogatari plugins compatible with Yanfly's? I'm mainly...
  6. -Solace-

    TAA_BookMenu (v1.6.7)

    The "Auto Place Command," "Show Menu," and "Enable Menu" parameters are all completely nonfunctional. Am I missing something? I'm using a lot of Yanfly's plugins and the latest version of this plugin. The data source type is the plugin manager. Edit: nevermind the "Auto Place Command" not...
  7. -Solace-

    Luna Engine MV Documentation Clarification

    Oh... So it's impossible to fix without great coding knowledge? Fair enough, I guess. My hopes and dreams in making a good looking GUI for this project went crashing down and it hurts. Oh well, guess I will just live with it and maybe utilize Luna for another project if I ever start making one...
  8. -Solace-

    Luna Engine MV Documentation Clarification

    Oh... I see. It makes a lot of sense now. The game still crashes during enemy encounters though, giving me this error. I've followed all the installation instructions in the documentation, of course. I've been developing my game for 2 months and don't want to start over... :(
  9. -Solace-

    Luna Engine MV Documentation Clarification

    "If you are using Yanfly's Battle Engine core, you must use a pre-existing template (eg. Sideview Template) SceneBattle.yml." I can't make sense of this. What do they mean by using a "pre-existing template"? What is a "pre-existing template"? Does that mean that I have to revert my edits on...
  10. -Solace-

    Having Decimal Number Problems

    Oh... Solved. xD I'm sorry, I'm just terrible with programming languages. I only started dealing with them upon using RPG Maker. Just searched up what the Math.floor() function does. I will probably use that very often later on. Thank you SO MUCH for your valuable help. Whenever I use the...
  11. -Solace-

    Having Decimal Number Problems

    I have made the following formula for gold drops from enemies with Yanfly's Enemy Base Parameters plugin: gold = 100 * Math.pow(1.2, level - 1) - (level * 2); The problem is that the resulting number is usually a float number with decimals thanks to the exponent. The first thing I tried was to...
  12. -Solace-

    Yanfly's Hit Accuracy Plugin Issue.

    Oh... You're right. The first equation DID work with the square brackets which gave me the illusion that it wasn't the problem. After replacing the square brackets as you recommended in the second equation, it worked as intended with an average hit rate of 75%! Now, I'm going to change the...
  13. -Solace-

    Yanfly's Hit Accuracy Plugin Issue.

    So, I was making the following formula: where "userHitRate" is influenced by a base parameter accuracy stat that increases with level and "targetEvadeRate" which scales off another. I tested it out by having both the accuracy and evasion stats equal. The result was as expected from the...

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