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  1. Bandito

    RMMV ⚙️ Mech Gears ⚙️ v0.18.4 Demo

    A recommendation I would give for this game is for the intro. When you start the game, you get a lot of dialogue between Snake and the commander, when the hero is in the helicopter. I recommend that same conversation, instead of being on top of the city, for it to be on the way to the city...
  2. Bandito

    RMMV ⚙️ Mech Gears ⚙️ v0.18.4 Demo

    Thanks for the help. I didn't even know you had to use the mouse to equip there. The arrows, WASD and the mouse are all used as player input in your game.
  3. Bandito

    RMMV ⚙️ Mech Gears ⚙️ v0.18.4 Demo

    Is the weapon wheel working, because sometimes I am stuck with the handgun after I use all the bullets. Nice game though.
  4. Bandito

    RMMZ Using the wait command in a plugin

    @TheoAllen: no. I do not. If it helps all I want to do is to make a change in the movement animation when the character hits a key. In my case the code for the event movement is like this ... setTimeout(() => $gamePlayer.setDirection(4), 100); setTimeout(() => $gamePlayer.setDirection(6)...
  5. Bandito

    RMMZ Using the wait command in a plugin

    Seems like I just decided to ignore the part that says (this only in a Script command) which is probably why it wasn't working.
  6. Bandito

    RMMZ Using the wait command in a plugin

    I have been trying to use the wait command for multiple things, but it has never worked for me as described in this spreadsheet made by many users (it's the same one Archaeia has in his thread) When I try to write this.wait it doesn't work because it's undefined, the interpreter doesn't have...
  7. Bandito

    RMMZ RMMZ keeps changing $ to %24

    Just found what was up. I didn't use the 'use strict' at the top. Damn my use of TypeScript, and it's using 'use strict' by default lmao. Thanks for all the help guys and the mods can consider this issue resolve.
  8. Bandito

    RMMZ RMMZ keeps changing $ to %24

    I don't use notepad, I use VS code. I just checked, and it's using the UTF-8 encoding which is what I always use, anyway, I did what you say and the same thing happens. Also, I am not using spaces in my filename, which is why I added the dash ($main-chara.png) in the name of the file. It is...
  9. Bandito

    RMMZ RMMZ keeps changing $ to %24

    I keep trying to use this method $gamePlayer.setImage('$main-chara', 0) and it keeps giving me errors of 'FILE NOT FOUND'. The console says that it cannot find the `%24main-chara.png' file. I tried using regexp with the .replace method and I also tried to replace it from '%24' to '$' with no...
  10. Bandito

    RMMZ .requestAnimation script call not working

    When I tried this it work like this for me. Using this played the animation but I could only hear the sound, I don't know where it was assigning the animation to. $gameTemp.requestAnimation([$gamePlayer], 6);
  11. Bandito

    Deploying and playing a project on iOS/Iphone/iPad etc

    This is how I made it run on my device (iPhone SE) and iOS simulators, and it's just one way to do it. 1. First you need a Mac. 2. Download and install xCode 3. Download and install nodejs 4. (via npm) install CapacitorJS on the terminal 5. On the CapacitorJS there are more details...
  12. Bandito

    Can I use Gimp to transform images into usable tiles in MZ?

    I recommend you to read this tutorial. This will work with anything concerning autotiling and if you don't know what that is, this is a perfect chance to learn what it is and how to make it work. Autotile tutorial @Shaz: I completely forgot to add it :aswt:
  13. Bandito

    When I install any npm packages and I restart RMMZ, the dependencies are deleted from package.json

    Ok so my issue is that when I install a NPM package via the terminal (Using NPM and node) the dependencies section gets deleted after I restart RMMZ. After downloading the package and installing, everything is working fine and dandy, but I just noticed that in the package.json, the dependencies...
  14. Bandito

    RMMV Open external link on iOS

    How are you running your game on iOS? xCode or using a framework like Cordova? Or maybe in the browser?
  15. Bandito

    For people that bought Downtown Dungeon - Starter Kit by Malibu Darby, I have questions.

    Thanks, I didn’t know where this post was supposed to fit in haha. Summoning @Vexed if he is still lurking the forums.
  16. Bandito

    For people that bought Downtown Dungeon - Starter Kit by Malibu Darby, I have questions.

    Hi I have been trying to get in contact with this person, but I don't see how I can do that since he or she hasn't enabled the comments section in his products. So these question will be directed at MalibuDarby (if @PixelJustice is the moniker he uses here, he had this one on Twitter which he...
  17. Bandito

    [SOLVED] RPG Maker MZ Huge black screen issue

    I made this plugin a while back that fixed that issue for me. If it works, please reply. Just hit the green code button and download it or just copy paste into a js file If not look for the code in this line 2108 on rmmz_managers.js and make it always return true. All I did in the plugin is...
  18. Bandito

    Any way to port games containing node.js scripts to android?

    NodeJS's scripts don't work on mobile or at least not in a way where it's easy to do. You could use a framework that bridges the mobile code with the frontend, like Cordova ( or capacitor ( does. I would recommend you to start with Capacitor, since it's easier...
  19. Bandito

    Will there be Linux support?

    And here I am considering if I should spend $3000+ on a computer.

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