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  1. DoctorMolotov

    SORRY :(

    SORRY :(
  2. DoctorMolotov

    RPGMakerWeb MV Resource Showcase Directory

    I can't follow this thread fast enough xD It should also be pinned!
  3. DoctorMolotov

    You're tip its an good one! xP

    You're tip its an good one! xP
  4. DoctorMolotov

    I can't even get the page to load past its basic html after 5 minutes of waiting >.<

    I can't even get the page to load past its basic html after 5 minutes of waiting >.<
  5. DoctorMolotov

    I bet I can do worse xD

    I bet I can do worse xD
  6. DoctorMolotov

    Your dreams on the next RPG Maker(RMMV updates or brand new ones)

    What everyone else said, but also a built-in active battle system similar to Falcao's  :)
  7. DoctorMolotov

    Edits and Recolours by Doc - Updated with moar trees.

    I'll take that as a big compliment from someone who has the graphics snob banner in their sig xP Also just added the blue roof. Probably gonna work on making corners next.
  8. DoctorMolotov

    Bigger and Better - Granny's Modern Tiles & Sprites for MV

    I like the doors! I was thinking we needed more doors here, but got sidetracked with trees and roof tiles xD Any chance on getting the 1 tile doors that are 48px wide?
  9. DoctorMolotov

    Edits and Recolours by Doc - Updated with moar trees.

    Thanks guys! Updated the thread with some tree stuff I am working on now :)
  10. DoctorMolotov

    Anyone here use premade maps?

    I use the premade maps as guidance, reference, and inspiration. Aside from that, I don't use it, I make everything from scratch, and I modify the rtp tilesets to include other items that I want to use in place of items that I will never use on a map making them part rtp and part custom (custom...
  11. DoctorMolotov

    Whtdragon's trees recolors

    Use It is dead easy to use, and you don't even need an account (although making one is simple too). If you can upload the original non-resized to imgur and re-link it here, I'll split them up into proper sections for tileset use (if you don't mind).
  12. DoctorMolotov

    Baron Banana's MV RTP Recolors and Edits

    I would kill for a stepping animation of the blood (and the water from the rtp) coming out of the jug and into the pool below. Nice work bud!
  13. DoctorMolotov

    Whtdragon's trees recolors

    As I mentioned before, I love the trees. My only issue is that they are not aligned properly in your png (something I can fix myself, np), but also that they are different sizes from the rtp. Other than that, nice work.
  14. DoctorMolotov

    Baron Banana's MV RTP Recolors and Edits

    Nice one on the roofs. I was just looking into different roof options (rather than just the red and blue). Any plans on doing the other colours as well?
  15. DoctorMolotov

    Analog Move

    This looks great! I am gonna try this out right now. Edit - found a bug. If you have enemies or npc moving on the map, they move very quickly all over the place. ありがとう/Arigatou!/Thanks!
  16. DoctorMolotov

    Whtdragon's trees recolors

    I was planning on doing something similar but hadn't gotten around to it. Now there is no need! Thanks for these!
  17. DoctorMolotov

    MBS - Smooth Scroll

    Brilliant plugin! Thanks.
  18. DoctorMolotov

    Bokou's Freesources - Added Gothic Tileset

    There seems to be a bug because I can't like this topic more than once xD
  19. DoctorMolotov

    A wild woman appears! Man flirts at it in confusion! (the personal picture thread)

    Alright I'll get in on this. Here is a picture of me the morning after a night out where on my way home an old man gave me a knife (known as a Khukuri) which is a traditional/ceremonial weapon and tool of the Nepalese people, and is their national knife. Yay learning! Sidenote: I live and work...
  20. DoctorMolotov

    Firgof's Discount Art and Sprites

    That Blue Noble is creepy as. I might use it in my project xD Nice work man!

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