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  1. zebaroth

    VX Ace to MV Converter

    i found my propblem had to copies if the convert script in the same game i need to work on my projects when i am not half dead tied and don't remember doing the work on them smacks head in to wall thanks for your help shaz this script is good tool to to have in ones rog maker tool kit
  2. zebaroth

    VX Ace to MV Converter

    i got this error. script line 10 name error uninialized constant DEGICA::CONVERT:: DataManger 
  3. zebaroth

    some musice i made on a online synth site

    some musice i made on a online synth site i did not have to pay to use the the site and the music is of my own mind. is very fast pace would be good for a cyber punk or scfi game and works well for a final boss. you can credit  me as darklordofoz and let me know where to get the game you...
  4. zebaroth

    need furry sprites for game

    i am duing a prody of final fantsy called furry fantasy and need furry sprits dose any one know of any
  5. zebaroth

    Two Licences, One Server & One Project

    the way i would do this is have project save on both pc's and have the one be the master that you or wife would update. like say she dose mapping saves on her pc then she updates the master and you use the maps on your save and then update the master
  6. zebaroth

    mlogan's MV stuff

    very nice
  7. zebaroth

    Change project name?

    thanks this helped me to
  8. zebaroth

    VX Ace to MV Converter

    i have converted some prjrojects it remakes the maps with its tlie set i use the premaeds a lot in my prpjects is i hate to do mapping
  9. zebaroth

    changing event sprits

    switches are a bit beyond my understandeing never mind i had my mother look at it she likes the map swith efecet says it could be the where the machine is dwaring on the power of the house to powerup and there for the lights dim
  10. zebaroth

    changing event sprits

    changing event sprits ok i have a sceen in a project where a machine is powering up it has lighting tubes 3 on each side how do i make them chnge to on from of at themoment i have it set up as 8 maps that switch i would like to have it be on one map
  11. zebaroth

    need free sprites and tiles for scifi space praite game

    need free sprites and tiles for scifi space praite game i plane to sell this game the reason the have to be free is i cant aforde to spend money to buy them

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