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  1. callmedan

    [XP] Sprite offset script?

    Oh, I forgot that. It is set by putting a \comment value Comment on the event page. - \ox value : offset right - \ox -value: offset left - \oy value : offset down - \oy -value: offset up Example: \ox 16 \oy -16 I hope this explanation is clear enough :aswt:
  2. callmedan

    [XP] Sprite offset script?

    So, I managed to solve this problem :aswt: Here's what I did (in case someone need it) # Sprite_Offset Script (1 Sep 2022) class Game_Character #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Public Instance Variables...
  3. callmedan

    [XP] Sprite offset script?

    Hello! I'm looking a script that adjusts the position of a sprite. I'm currently adjusting it by defining a name for the event in Sprite_Character, for example if = "lower" self.y = @character.screen_y - 8 else self.y = @character.screen_y end if = "right"...
  4. callmedan

    UMS: Fit window to text mode fixes

    I asked for it in 2019. You can check this thread and take some suggestions there if you want to. Also, if you're good at programming, you may take a look at wachunga's multiple message windows. It handles...
  5. callmedan

    Anybody have some generic rock golem sprites or pics to share?

    Which engine do you use? I would suggest you to use the resource request form, so it'll be easier for people to help you. If you're using MV, whtdragon and chalkdust made some golem sprites. whtdragon's golems (in Mythological animals section) chalkdust's golem
  6. callmedan

    [XP] Looking for a Source, Food Graphic

    These were made by Mack. The terms are included here as well, but in Japanese
  7. callmedan

    [XP] MP Slip Damage state script?

    @KK20 Oops! I didn’t know I could do that with common event. The common events work great. Thank you so much! :)
  8. callmedan

    [XP] MP Slip Damage state script?

    Sorry for not explaining it better. It's probably Change screen tone or Show picture or maybe both. For more details, I'm creating a skill that displays the mana traces. This skill is used as a switch to turn on/off the mana vision. If the player forgets to turn it off, it will keep draining an...
  9. callmedan

    [XP] MP Slip Damage state script?

    @KK20 Thanks! May I ask how to get the MP damage to apply the effect to it only? Because I want to keep everything as default, just different effect for MP damage. @BloodSoakedPuppeteer98 Thanks! The script KK20 mentioned above has solved most of what I asked for.
  10. callmedan

    [XP] MP Slip Damage state script?

    @KK20 Thank you! It works great. Btw, how can I edit it so there's no screen flash when SP damage happens? I'd like to use another effect instead, like change screen tone or play a animation.
  11. callmedan

    [XP] MP Slip Damage state script?

    Hi. I’d like to achieve a state that consume actor’s MP (or SP as it’s called in XP). It’s just like the Poison state but it would affect the MP instead of HP. I googled it but didn’t find any for XP. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  12. callmedan

    Your Next Adventure Awaits: RPG Maker MZ Trailer #1

    I hope there’ll be some updates to the Set move route to make cutscene creation a bit easier. Like move to x direction y step(s)/tile(s) instead of adding a bunch of move right/left or other directions, and sometimes you have to count it if you’ve added enough steps.
  13. callmedan

    how to do that if i talk to an NPC he will follow me while i run or walk

    You can follow what JayIsrael suggested above and use a Self Switch. In event page 2, set movement type to Approach or Custom/Move toward Player. That's all !
  14. callmedan

    Question about Enumerable in RGSS1

    Thank you so much! That's exactly what I need
  15. callmedan

    Question about Enumerable in RGSS1

    I'm rewriting XP default scripts into Ace style to kill some free time, and run into some questions. Are collect, map and select available in RMXP? I don't find them in the manual (F1) and can't find any Ruby 1.8.1 documents in the internet. Also I don't get any error (until now) as I use...
  16. callmedan

    [XP] Script Question

    Ccoa posted the script on Save-Point forum in 2008
  17. callmedan

    Large NPC Collision

    - Large Event Collision by Shaz: - Event Hitboxes by Hudell:
  18. callmedan

    How to translate the words

    Eh, just check other tabs of the Database. Skills, Items, Weapons, and Armors have Name field and Description field, just type in anything you want. If you don't find things you need in the game database, it's probably in the script. And as I said, Ctrl + Shift + F is your friend to find...
  19. callmedan

    How to translate the words

    @Luca74Hej You haven't check the Database/System yet, have you? Edit the Words section to change those you need.
  20. callmedan

    How to translate the words

    If they are not in the System tab of the Database, they should be in the script. As I mentioned earlier, you can press Ctrl + Shift + F to find them in the script editor. They are the purple letters, and put in double quotation marks as those shop commands.

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