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  1. Virtual Buttons and DPad

    For those using buttons on Scene_Map, I've found a few solutions for the constantly reappearing hidden buttons for those of us (like me) that have little JavaScript experience. I'm using this plugin to make my own menus by using switches and variables, so while I don't have a solution for coming...
  2. Virtual Buttons and DPad

    Having an issue with hidden buttons reappearing. I posted earlier about how they reappear every time Scene_Map is 'refreshed', but I'm now realising that it's happening every time that the scene is changed. So, all buttons previously hidden reappear any time I transfer maps, exit battle, or exit...
  3. Virtual Buttons and DPad

    Thank you so much for the help! I tried using Scene_Manager.goto(Scene_Map) to refresh the scene, and it allows the buttons to move according to the variables!! The only issue I'm having is that refreshing the scene is also causing all the buttons that were hidden to reappear, but I can use the...
  4. Virtual Buttons and DPad

    Just to confirm, this means that parameters in the plugin cannot be changed by changing variables used in the formulas? Sorry, just want to make sure I understand!
  5. Virtual Buttons and DPad

    I was planning to use the plugin to make custom menus, so the only scene I'd be accessing is the Scene_Map. I was wondering if its possible to use variables in the X and Y formulas that would react to being changed by events in the game. Thank you for taking the time to reply!
  6. Virtual Buttons and DPad

    Is it possible to use formulas in the x and y parameters to change the positions of buttons after the game is loaded? For example, using $gameVariables.value(ID) to move the buttons around at a later point? I was hoping to use a certain button for several different screens, but it needs its...

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