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  1. Mordayn

    Event Drag and Drop Code without plugin

    Hey guys, I was looking everywhere for some simple code to make drag and drop events without requiring a plugin and was able to come up with a pretty easy solution so I thought I'd Post it. Currently the code allows for stacking of events and allows you to pull the lowest value Event ID from...
  2. Mordayn


    Yeah there are 2 working methods that I know of at the moment for online. Alpha Net which has a system that runs on a host pc then can be connected to through IP with port forwarding, and MMOMV which is a cloud based plugin for allowing the game to be hosted on a server with a database that...
  3. Mordayn

    RMMV Orin Online

    The Updated version is now available on Playstore. Happy gaming and as always, feedback is greatly appreciated. This tech is fairly experimental and any feedback on issues or new feature suggestions would be awesome. Thanks. ;)
  4. Mordayn

    RMMV Orin Online

    New update for the mobile version. We had to implement some emergency patch fixes and resubmit to playstore. We've temporally disabled download of the Mobile apk for now. It should be through Play Store review in about 3 days and be available again. I'll keep all that info updated in our...
  5. Mordayn

    RMMV Orin Online

    Good news. Playstore has just approved our Mobile APK version. I've updated the information in the previous post. The links are also posted here. Mobile MMO Game Link: Mobile MMO Shop Link...
  6. Mordayn

    RMMV Orin Online

    Orin Online SYNOPSIS Hey guys, we've just released our project Orin Online. It's an RPG Maker MV created game combining multiple plugins to create a fully functional MMO game using the RPG MV engine. We created some custom code to tie these systems together allowing for actual ABS style PVP...
  7. Mordayn

    Changing weapons mid battle

    Actually there's a simple way to do this using an item that calls a common event to do the Equip Scene push and doesn't require a plugin. Create an item with the Effect of running a common event. The common event script needs to be Script: SceneManager.push(Scene_Equip) Make sure Scope for...

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