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  1. Tile Shaders and Detail [Updated Ver. 2.0 Nov 26]

    Indeed, it's a great idea. Good job Redeker!
  2. Terrax Lighting system

    So fast Terrax, thanks!  Anyway, if you set the radius to something like 700 does a nice effect like the one I wanted to get. 
  3. Terrax Lighting system

    Finally a Lightning plugin! Thank you so much Terrax! I've been testing it on my project and works well without problems, and it's pretty easy to use. However I got a few questions/suggestions... 1. Is it possible to change the Player radius in-game? 2. The "black layer" that covers all, can...
  4. No Battle BGM

    MikauSchekzen... I just can say that I love you!! As a composer this plugin comes sooo handy... Tested it and working with no bugs. Awesome, thank you!
  5. Maru's MV Bits

    Waaaahh!! PandaMaru, I really love these trees, and the furniture... it's just awesome! Looking forward to see more of your art. Keep going and thank you so much! :D
  6. Anime_Fusion's resources

    Wow! It's awesome! Thank you so much for sharing! :D

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