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  1. Khas Awesome Light Effects

    Hello, first of all Thank you for these light effects, help a lot to fullfil ideas for a game =D I'm new in this, and I'm trying to make something simple (but not THAT simple) But when I try to use the torch (I copied from the demo) in a map like this. I get an error like this D=...

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I am new here first day ,how to make a game for google play store on Android I am using android mobile .I don't have coding knowledge too .so what are steps to create a game on mobile Android I don't have PC or laptop .any suggestions or guide please .
Does anybody want to get weirded out? If so, I have a weird fact for them in the top comments.
Creating the mood, coloring, and lighting for this gonna need a big brain moment.1685936069202.png

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