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  1. RMMV Scrubber

    the .exe wont start...
  2. Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    I found the demo, I had not seen it had to go on the site thanks for help
  3. Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    so, where find the demo 1.7 (I only saw the 1.6)
  4. Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    i have uploaded my prodject for verification!G90jnQhI!NZJZ0NRPexSUWlLdPGhOWShWpXAQeHb-1xdk7hRFrgs
  5. Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    Can be because i have rpg maker MV 1.4 And sorry for the mistakes I am French
  6. Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    I changed that and I still have the same error
  7. Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    sure!PsVwlTyD!OG1UCHzwY5k9knEoNivgxf_6dqYPWtb3098_Z4_zJFg If you need I can put you the complete project
  8. Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    custom game (and the graphics of the demo) i d'ont use any else plugin the turn order is right yes i thinks the error occur on battle start
  9. Non-Combat Event

    I just want to create a condition that detects when I'm in combat
  10. Non-Combat Event

    thanks for the move The plugin I use just triggers a common event, which is to aborth is is what I want to do but I do not know how to do it
  11. Non-Combat Event

    Hello I use the plugin of himework which allows to trigger a common event by pressing a button, the only problem is that this event also works in combet. How can this common event not work in combat? this text are generate with google traduction because i'm french
  12. Common Event Buttons

    How to make the common event only work on the map (out of combat)
  13. draw skill system

    bonjour je voudrais savoir si quelqu'un serait assez gentil pour develloper un script pour piocher des sorts chaque tour vous piocherez un des sorts possédé et le reste du combat se deroule classiquement, les sorts piochés seront dans l'option sorts et l'orsqu'ils sont utilisés ils seronts...
  14. Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    -thx chaosicaa -lecode can you create a summon sytem (walking monster and attacking) sorry for my english im french
  15. Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    apres c'est ptet que ma version de rpg maker mv est en 1.3
  16. Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    bonjour lecode j'ai appris que tu parlais français donc je t'explique en fait quand le jeu se lance il y a directement le message d'erreur et quand j'appuie sur f8 il ne se passe rien peut etre ya il un moyen d'ouvrir la console autrement
  17. Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    Hello, i downloaded the demo,i put it on the new project folder (without being modified). but, when it is launched, i have an error message : i cant open the console, help me T_T I say that I am French so excuse me for my English

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