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  1. Skill Help Window Status Chance

    Looking for some help. I'm making inflicting status effects a big part of my combat and unit customization. Is there a way to display in the skill help window a percentage chance to inflict a status with the skill that updates with equipment and passive skill changes to the Status chance...
  2. How to Set up an Intro

    Set the starting point of your main character to the map you want to test. You might be able to test parts of your intro by copying the map your intro plays on and on the copied map only having the parts of the intro you want to test.
  3. MZ's handling of effekseer animations

    I've been unable to get an animation made in the 3D space to play correctly ingame as well. All the ones I've made in the 2D space though have turned out fine. I'm wondering if the game engine doesn't read the extra dimension of the animations maybe?

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